Take A Puff w/ Xanlon

If the image above looks familiar, then you most likely listen to good underground music. One of the newer faces, who is making wave after wave, is Xanlon. He combines a street sound with a horrorcore sound, but has proven already that he can mend any gap that an instrumental or concept can throw his way. After the project above, and his newest single 'Die Yung' with kevspeakstruth, we wanted to sit down and pick the brain of this young man and gain some info about his upcoming project. View our Q&A below.

Q: What is the name of the upcoming solo project?

A: "Its called 'Caution: Listen to While High VOLUME 2'. Its a sequal to the last tape I put out."

Q: What would you say is the focus on the first tape?

A: "I was mainly focused on branching out. Im always trying to work on as many styles as I can. I feel like you can reach more people that way. That tape was mostly just about a lit vibe. I think every song is what would be considered a banger."

Q: You definitely expand with the artists you work with. Outside of the dual EP we can expect with kevspeakstruth, what other collabs that you have in the works are looking forward to?

A: "My friend, Lil Dro, are working on a dual project also. Other than that, Im only really trying to collab with people I get along with you know. I feel the music is better when the collab and natural rather than paying somebody for a verse. No disrespect to paying for verses, but at this point I dont see the positive outweighing the loss of money."

Q: Who is featuring on the upcoming tape?

A: "I obviously have kst on it. Other than that, Lil Dro definitely is going to be on there. Same with GRAY THE PLAGUE. HORU$ might have a verse too but as of right now I do not know about that last one."

Q: Is the coverart for VOLUME 2 ready?

A: "Yee"

Caution: Listen to While High VOLUME 2

Q: What is your plan after VOLUME 2? Is it time to start thinking about an album?

A: "Honestly, after these three projects, Im not completely sure what the move is. Right now Im just focused on building a fan base around myself."

Q: What have you found helps build your fan base the most?

A: "Collabs for sure. kst is really helping me out. He is kind of showing me the ropes because Im still new to all this stuff. The fan base is small right now, but I have so much in the vault. It can only go up from here."

Q: How do you feel about B-L1FE's upcoming single 'Baby Pictures' featuring yourself, siroka, and LOVE RYAN?

A: "That song is going to blow up. Every one of us snapped. When B sent me the track I was shook for a second. I had to make sure my verse was crazy."

Q: Who do you want to collab with that you still have not in the underground?

A: "I would say either Xelly or Eternvl..."

Q: Anything you would like to add before you conclude your Q&A with SupportArt?

A: "Just a quick shoutout to SupportArt and guys involved with them like kevspeakstruth, B-L1FE, and Angry Orphan. Also a shoutout to my boy Lil Dro. That is pretty much it."