Switching Up The Sounds

Have you ever heard an artist with a unique sound that you want to hear push their personal niche a little further than what would be deemed conventional? It happens a lot especially with artists with a newer age sound. The engineering process has taken such a forefront that artists without those raw old school flows are often changed simply by the effects applied to their vocals and the beat behind them. Then you have artists who can take their sound, let it age alongside music, and then push it to new limits and sounds like D Cravo did with his latest release 'Switch'. He finds a way to incorporate his sound, which he continues to perfect and find, to a beat that is not a beat that you'd expect to hear D Cravo on. Pair him again with feature artist Lil Crimson who has already proven to be a great co-star to a Cravo track and you are in for a ride. Not to mention, D Cravo still released a visual presentation of this song during our strange quarantined daily lives. No it is not an official music video, but it is enough to capture you long enough for the great music that D Cravo and Lil Crimson made to take hold. Listen to 'Switch' directly below on YouTube or Spotify. The song can be found on all major platforms. Also follow D Cravo on Twitter HERE and Instagram HERE for more music, visual content, and news.