Standout Single

Throughout the months ending 2018 and starting this year, SA founder B-L1FE has been dropping music on major platforms like a bad habit. However, he is in the process of finishing up his debut album 'S1NS'. The album is close to his heart and will explain a lot about the artist everybody knows by one letter... B.

With two drops coming before the album single we wanted to do our best to highlight it, and to let the supporters of the underground know this one is different. The upcoming releases are both excellent songs but they are what B-L1FE has been doing for around 4 months now, simply releasing great collaborations as major platform singles. You can expect 'Revelations' alongside R-KNE & LXR111 tomorrow, as well as a single with SA alum and brother NOTfree that is already highly anticipated with their song 'GOT DAMN'.

The single we need to highlight though is the first of two singles off B-L1FE's album. The first single is to reflect the lighter side of 'S1NS' and was produced by SA producer Swubby. The song is titled 'Saucy With My Woes' and features great talents in artists AB Sku and LGND Potential. It is available for pre-order currently on iTunes and Apple Music. The single will drop 2-20 at midnight (New York time zone worldwide).

The second single, which has not yet been announced will be announced right here on our site and our site only. At least until the first single is out and has had a short bit of time to sink in. The second single reflects the darker half of 'S1NS' and the screamo infused trap metal style B-L1FE is becoming widely known for. The track, titled 'Demon' was produced by The Cupcake Gang and features Florida artist TrillBazz. When we asked B if this track was the hardest trap metal type we would hear from the album his response was, "Not even close... for the most part its still regular hip-hop outside of the chorus. The engineering effects and end product are what really makes something trap metal and that's where the sub-genres influence really is on this track." We followed up by asking him if he is concerned by intentionally going for a sound that is not what the listener (or most) are accustomed to. To that we got the response of, "I honestly don't give a damn about conventional. Conventional is stagnant. Conventional doesn't leave a mark when it dies. Artists that work with me know we are going to be doing some weird shit. When you send back your raw vocals, we are going to clean then up and make em clean. Then, we are going to fuck em up in a whole new way." B-L1FE has enlisted the engineering skills of Atlanta based producer/rapper/engineer MUUMIS. "I gave him a very simple guideline. He already knew how to make my vocals sound like my style. He does a great job of not draining the life out of my low tone of voice. My instructions were to do anything (I meant anything) experimental or weird that he thought sounded good. Don't ask me. Just do it. He is nailing it. Honestly we have only had to alter one thing so far during the album process and that was adding an adlib back in that he felt didn't gel well."

The tracklist for the album will soon be announced once all the features are back. Features are always a burden when deadlines approach. Surprisingly, almost all the features are back or in direct contact with B-L1FE. The tape is coming together better than he had originally envisioned.

Below you can view the official producer lineup for each track. The song title and features have been left out. Also you can view the official coverart for the first single that drops February 20th along with access to the pre-order page on Apple Music.

Producer Lineup

Track 1 - Kaster

Track 2 - Jadon Converse

Track 3 - Deano

Track 4 - Swubby

Track 5 - MARROW

Track 6 - Kaster

Track 7 - Yung N ICy & Cole Tidus

Track 8 - Siroka

Track 9 - Verti

Track 10 - Swubby

Track 11 - MAD RU$$IAN

Track 12 - The Cupcake Gang

Track 13 - SoundsBySeb

Track 14 - Yung N ICy

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