Spotlight Star: YL

Hip-hop gravitates daily to a culture so diverse it is often broken apart by sub-genres. A lot of artists then fall into one of these sun-genres. Some artists however have used this gravitation to display the fact they can cover all sounds while staying themselves. YL is a perfect example and a fast rising star in the underground. As we listened to his music catalog we were sincerely inspired. So before we say anymore, listen to the three songs below. Three different vibes are portrayed, but at the end, you know who YL is an artist.

YL is a genius when it comes to marketing himself. No, not because he came to us for promotional services. His music is content filled but the audio adaptations to the new age sound allow him to gain the ear of every listener. Honestly, some songs are so deep yet so melodic, you could mistake a YL song for XXX. Howver, you are thrown for big loops with songs like 'OYIT4LiiiiiFE' and 'ACT UP' where you get the new age fully turnt vibes. No matter what sound or message YL is attempting to portray, he is succeeding. This is a name you should get familiar with now before its a name you are simply buying concert tickets to see. Its amazing watching and discovering talent that is headed big BIG places.

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Enjoy the rest of YL's music directly below before reading further into our blog section.