SkiZa Is HERE!!!!

If you have followed any underground platform you may still not know the name Sxberblu. Recently our CEO, who is also a writer for REDSCALEMAG, did an in-depth interview with the founder and CEO of UVC Blood Realm that touched on many topics including the release of his upcoming album 'SkiZa' which as of today is available on SoundCloud and is coming soon to all major platforms. Stream the album directly below, and then feel free to go through our track by track review as we take our first listen at what we expect to be an amazing project.



The intro segment of the song is filled with a nice glitch sound that lets you know SxberBlu is coming with effects on effects. He is one of the few artists that this is means great music is on the way. In his interview with REDSCALEMAG, he said these were songs he wrong at times of anger and frustrations, and 5am definitely sets the tone for the album. It is very hardcore, and steps away from the typical melodic SxberBlu that we know very well. Great set up track for the album.

TRACK 2: Chasing Highs feat. Silf

As sopn as the beat begins, you cant even prepare yourself. Its not what you would expect to hear SxberBlu on. This track has the full XO vibe, and in all honesty it is amazing. NAV please take notes on how to do this style correctly. The melodic bars that fill the verses are engineered, delivered, and content filled perfectly. It is an astonishing gift to be able to not only make catchy melodic music, but to also have true content inside of what gets listeners hooked. After the initial verse, a skit of a party's gossip serves as a nice transition into the next verse. The feature from Silf is perfectly implemented and provides the contrast needed to give it the anger and angst feeling SkiZa was expected to bring.

TRACK 3: Trust Issues

This beat is more of a typical Sxberblu beat, but then the vocals enter. Chiodos and Alesana instantly fill your headphones, followed by a switch use of a beat drop that actually begins the melodic segments of the song. If you are a fan of the art it takes to structure music, this song is the one for you. Its amazing. The synth sounds also take you to newer Linkin Park vibes. We know Chester Bennington had to be some kind of influence on this amazing artist at some point. Again, the frustration is there. The dub takes of the melodic parts portray pain and stress. Powerful music is music with an emotion and voice of its own. Great song. So far half way through, this project is top notch.

TRACK 4: Head So Low

Hearing the vocals of SxberBlu blending away from such a sorrowful sound to more of a mainstream tone is simply amazing. The blend is tremendous and executed perfectly. The vocals feel a little too full on this track in parts. However, this track we feel is meant to feel in your face. The content is exceptional, and as creatives, we know the point he speaks about in this song. Being around constant criticism, and still having a regular life to live is difficult. Many artists do turn to substances to help cope. We see it in the culture a lot. Not to say SxberBlu is glorifying drugs, it is almost the opposite. The song is him screaming the want and need to come down and be level headed. Stress free.

TRACK 5: Promises

This is a deep song. Honestly, it is like a fusion of 'Crossroads' from Bone Thugs and 'XO Tour Life" by Lil Uzi Vert. We get more of a known SxberBlu sound, but after 4 tracks it is nice to get in touch with the artist we love and listened for in the first place. Again the content, and message is perfectly delivered. The hook on this song will give you instant goosebumps. The vocal work is perfect. During this review, it was very hard not to stop and replay these songs. Its an outstand project, and we still have one more song.

TRACK 6: Nights Like These

This is how you end a project. Its like a rant and the tone is like a breakdown from all the struggles and frustrations expressed in the first five songs. Sonic cohesiveness is what makes or breaks an album. It is a big reason 'Astroworld' was so hit and miss with fans for Travis Scott. Yes, great songs are great songs, but an album should tell a listener not a story. The tracklist should be beyond difficult to order. This song was our personal favorite. but the minute 'SkiZa' hits Spotify, it all gets a save!