She Can Do Unique All By Herself

KARMAA is the first female emcee to be a member of the SupportArt family, and she has already made a name for herself. She is one of the few creatives who simply gives back to the underground without even having a brand attached to the act. Her TOP 50 INDIE SONGS playlist has generated great buzz throughout the underground and highlights some of the brightest rising stars. Her flow continues to grow and she is now branching out into multiple duo projects and collaborations. We want you all to know the KARMAA we know so we sat down with our trendsetter to ask the questions we know you are all wondering. View the Q&A directly below where you can also enjoy some of the fire music that is currently out from KARMAA with plenty more on the way! Also follow her on Twitter HERE and Instagram HERE to keep tabs on this shooting star!

Q: How have things been as a creative since joining the SupportArt roster?

A: "Things have been great. Definitely opening doors for further networking and collaboration opportunities. I've met some incredible artists I wouldn't have even known otherwise."

Q: You aren't like most artists and you had to overcome some big hurdles to be at this level in the industry. Do you feel comfortable explaining some of this, and how did it make you the artist you are today?

A: "I realized at a very young age that I was different than most girls. I liked sports and dirt bikes instead of makeup and boys. Upon accepting that I was gay there were still very few who even knew. Only a few select teammates and my family did because I feared being bullied and that feat became a reality. Someone was mad their secret had been revealed so they threw me out of the closet and my senior year was hell. I thought about killing myself, but I was too afraid. That in itself made my depression worse. After graduation, (Dec 31st, 2010) I held a gun to my head after receiving several texts telling me I was worthless and should just kill myself. As I laid in bed with the gun pointed at my head, my baby sister came walking into my room crying because she had a bad dream. She had no idea I was about to end my life, and she didnt know she was the one who saved it until just a few months ago. That experience has helped mold me into the person I am. I never want anyone to feel the way I did in high school. I never want anyone to be afraid of who they are just because others dont like it. My music is for anyone who has ever felt different, weird, unique, or like me... like an alien. I want people to look in the mirror and love themselves. To embrace their weirdness and remember that even though life sucks at the moment, it does get better. Be strong."

Q: How does all that struggle and pain affect the battle of being legally deaf in both ears?

A: "Oh sheeesh, I forgot about that. That has made my life incredibly difficult... especially when it comes to recording. Sometimes my singing is great, but most days, I have to keep doing it over and over until my engineer says they can work with a take. At one point, I was fluent in sign language because my grandma is fluent. I basically just learned to read lips. It actually made sports easier because I can block noise out. I dont hear most of it to begin with. In school, it did make things a little harder. Partner lack of hearing with test anxiety and you get me, but I learned to not let something like this define me. I will never use it as a crutch or let it hold me back. People with conditions and lives that are worse have gone on to do some of the most amazing things in life. I just take it day by day and embrace it. Hearing aids, here I come."

Q: With that all showing determination that is unparalleled, what do you hope to change in the music industry?

A: "I intend to show people that it is okay to talk about taboo topics. Embrace them. Share them with the world shamelessly. Everyone struggles and that is okay. I want to remind people its not what happens to you but how you react. Music is the easiest way to reach people and influence them. I want to have a positive impact on this industry."

Q: You have a lot of content on the way. What are excited about giving the people the most?

A: "I am most excited for the change up in my sound as a whole. Every song will be something different. I hate labels, and its the same with my music. I dont want to be boxed into just one genre. I want to prove you can be versatile, and you dont have to stick to one genre or niche to be heard."

Q: What is your favorite song of yours that is currently out, and what is your favorite feature that you have done that is currently out?

A: "That is a tough one. I've done over 60 songs personally, and I have done 5 features. Im working on collaborating more with other creatives. My favorite track that is mine would probably be 'U-G-L-Y' because I had so much fun with it. I got a little nasty, super sarcastic, and flat out cocky with it which isnt like me. My favorite feature I have done would be 'Up Now' for B-L1FE that also featured Penny the Shabba. That was another one that I had a lot of fun doing. I love letting the real me shine through my music."

Q: If you had to summarize to fans, what would you say "real" is for KARMAA?

A: "Real is being irrevocably you. Real is loving who you are and not caring about what anyone thinks about you. Real is self acceptance. Real is being honest. Real is having beliefs and sticking to them even if someone you know disagrees. Real is when you're you to your deepest core and wont allow anyone to influence or chagnge who that is simply because its not who or what they want you to be."

Q: Where do you see yourself at this time but in the year 2020?

A: "This time next year, I intend to have at least one high profile collaboration. I plan on having at least one song that goes viral. My debt is getting paid off, and I have a full time music career. I want to be on the Billboard Hot 100 and nothing short will do."

Q: What do you think is the biggest obstacle that faces a female emcee?

A: "There are so many obstacles. Theres the "you'll never be as good as a man", "you need to dress a certain way and act a certain way", "you need to be sexy", "sex sells and thats the only way you will ever make it", "you need men to enjoy your music", and more. These are all statements that I have heard before. To all of them I say, Im going to do me. Im reaching people simply by being me and not changing that. Im sure I could get quicker by being someone that Im not, but my sanity, happiness, and mental health mean more to me than that."

Q: Your answers are beyond light shedding and your mindset towards music and life is amazing. Anything that you would like to add or say before we conclude your Q&A?

A: "I think artists need to remember why they do this. Never lose the passion. Always be open to feedback and criticism. Dont let negative comments bring you down. Invest in yourself. Spread love not hate. Always look forward and never go back. Dont judge, hate, or tear others down because KARMAA always comes back around."

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