Serving Seconds

B-L1FE can finally relax. The album is almost completely finished and the debut single off 'S1NS' just released two days ago. So far it has found great success on major platforms as it nears the 1k mark on Spotify. B added, "It was a total team effort to make the single a reality. Without AB (Sku) and LGND (Potential) the track wouldnt be the same. The hook was a tone setter, and I feel like its a happy medium in the tones the album will offer." The tones to be expected are all of them. We have heard almost every sound from B-L1FE since his return to rap in August of 2018. Around November, he did begin to shake the game up with his trap metal tracks which allowed him to showcase full fledged talent in metal screams and composition. The two tracks he began that sound with were 'Stereotypical' and 'Fucked Up', both produced by Kaster, and both songs easily broke 2k on major platforms. "Its always been a sound close to home for me. I was a fan of Brokencyde, Dot Dot Curve, Dropping A Popped Locket, and bands like I Set My Friends On Fire. It was just a challenge of how to display it. The album tells a story. The backhalf and end of that story is dark and very trap metal oriented. Thats where the second single comes in."

One day after the release of 'Saucy With My Woes' worldwide, he announced there would be one more single before the entire album released. This one will be darker, and the bass will be very distorted. If you follow him via his graphics page on Twitter, you know that B curates the Spotify playlist known as 'Distorted Bass & Emo Taste'. The single is titled 'Demon' and features Florida native TrillBazz (Founder/CEO of Creatives Only & Florida Jams). Production of the track was handled by The Cupcake Gang, and engineering was done by MUUMIS who is handling the entire project.

Expect the satan fueled single March 1st. You may pre-save on Spotify with the link below where you can also stream the first single. The official release date for the album 'S1NS' is to be announced soon. When asked for a date, B-L1FE simply said, "...before summer".

Pre-Save 'Demon' featuring TrillBazz HERE