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2019 was a definite emergence year from VPRGNG founder and SupportArt lead engineer, Penny the Shabba. It marked him taking his music from soundcloud stardom to major platform buzz. It also saw the release of 'VPRGNG' which in all technicalities is his first album. He has marketing the release of his second full length project 'VPRGNG2' since the end of 2019 and we are ever so close to its arrival. It was slated to drop on March 11th, but some final adjustments and a botch by distribution pushed its release to April. To give the fans and everyone waiting something to have content wise, Penny the Shabba released a brand new trilogy. It is titled 'Chalk' and as of right now can be found on SoundCloud, but will soon be available for major platform streaming. The 3 songs are all produced by Dee B and there are no feature appearances in a trilogy that is wildly different from anything heard from Penny the Shabba prior. It is a much more personal and vulnerable approach from him as an artist, but it definitely works.

Everybody loves the raspy flow. It took the underground by storm this past year, but Penny the Shabba is one of the originators of the sound that did come from the New York tri-state area to begin with. This Syracuse native however switches things up on the latest trilogy. Whenever people bite an artist like Penny's style they forget one small detail. They are a step behind the innovator. That is true yet again as this trilogy even has changes in tone and some normal voiced vocals by Penny. The second of the 3 songs is a more hype upbeat industry ready song for the loyal Shabba fans looking to rage, but we highly suggest listening through in their correct order. Without detail, 2019 and 2020 tested this artist in a lot of ways and this project is a crystal clear reflection of that battle and more. Enjoy 'Chalk' which was also mixed and mastered by Penny the Shabba via Soundcloud directly below. You can also follow him on Twitter HERE and Instagram HERE for at the minute updates. 'VPRGNG2' is planned for an April release with more details to come!