Selflessness At Its Pinnacle

Curation is something that is a very open term thanks to those who say they curate. If you are an underground artist, you probably have seen the real and unfortunately, the fake. Some take advantage of a platform of showcasing talent. However, there are people and brands that do curate and do it right. We ourselves curate Spotify playlists that drop monthly or sometimes twice a month. We wanted to get inside of the mind of a fellow curator who we have watched do it right. Enjoy our Q&A with FH below as she truly speaks on the mindset of a true, selfless curator.

Q: What got you into curating and how do you feel that it helps artists?

A: "Wow, honestly I dont know how I got into curating playlists. I think at first, I just needed something to do that in a way could still express my creativity and thoughts. At the time, I was just watching a lot of videos about Cole Bennett and InternetHippy... a lot of old No Jumper podcasts ya know, and I guess after that, I wanted to bring something great to the underground like they did. In my own way, I still am. It might sound crazy and unexpected, but to be honest, helping artists is personally not my main goal when I curate a playlist. I just want to create the best content that I can that'll impact the culture, change the music industry, and represent the lifestyles of people. I want to bring people the best content and/or service that wioll help them to live their life the best way possible. I do want to help my peers, but when Im curating a playlist, I do it for consumers first. Playlists, no matter how they are curated, help artists because they are the new radio."

Q: What do you look for in the songs you curate?

A: "It depends on the playlist and the curation direction I want to follow. Basically, Im always looking for greatness, the best of the best, whatever the type of sound I just fuck with. I look for songs with great artistic expression. I'll never judge any type of sound. To me, you are great at what you're doing and thats what matters."

Q: Do you stay to a specific genre when it comes to curation or no and why?

A: "No, I definitely dont nor do I want to. Like I said earlier, my objective is to represent different lifestyles and give prestigious pieces to as many people as possible. A$AP Rocky said, "the music gotta match your outfit, your outfit gotta match the video, and the video gotta match ya girlfriend". I create and mold ways of life and art so I dont limit myself to a genre when curating. Genres are boxed in concepts and Im not into that. If I want to represent the skater lifestyle, I'll curate the best playlist that represents that lifestyle. That skater wearing Palace, Vans, watching Tony Hawk, etc. will listen to that playlist because it is themed and built around and for that lifestyle. Playlists are compilations of content that have the power to reflect the different cultures of the world. 'BUTTERFLIES, PINS AND NEEDLES VOL 1' that I curated with Teardrop Digital is the best example that I can give. When we were curating it, I told Lonelee (Lil Lonelee of Teardrop Digital) we have to create this content that emo boys will fuck with and be into themselves. So, we have to pick the best tracks, make the best visuals, and have the best art to represent it aesthetically. Lonelee gave me his tracks, and then I spent hours to days getting the perfect sounds and look for the playlist. We put it out and it was a success. From the title of the playlist, to the sound, to the aesthetic, everything was meant to represent a type of person and help them at the same time find what they're looking for in terms of music. Making that playlist with Teardrop Digital is probably the best cultural move I could have made because TDD is a platform that represents that lifestyle 100%. Whether it is the hosting, videos, mixes, or art that Lonelee makes, he has an amazing vision for what he wants to do. Teardrop Digital is the future!"

Q: What do you think is needed for true dual curation between the curators themselves?

A: "I feel that both just have to understand the vision and do what is needed to put out the best content. You have to do it for something other than yourself. In a way, you have to remove yourself and bias from the equation. You have to be aware that if you want to leave a big legacy or make a big impact that everything is important. You have to pay attention to the details and everything that comes with creating something great. You cant just play around with everybody. If they're not as serious as you are then it wont work. GOATs understand eachother and respect one another's crafts."

Q: Where do you see curation taking you personally? There has to be a bigger picture for yourself while doing all that you do.

A: "I am going to be the first famous playlist curator. I hope I can open doors for more playlist curators to show that curating can be more than some slots you are trying to fill. It can be about the culture not only for the culture. We can make shit pop. I want to show people that curation is about our youth and giving people a new way to listen to music. We can create pieces of work that will live on like classic albums to the point that in 2300 people will know what our generation was vibing to, which artists, what type of sounds we used to make, and what made our era. I wish we could just spawn in the 18th century with my ideas and vision so that today, we could know what people were on. It cant only be Mozart in this century. Im pretty sure someone was doing some trap in the woods or some shit."

Q: What are some playlists outside of your primary one that you update on a regular basis that we can be expecting?

A: "Right now, Im just trying to represent all the different movements happening in the underground. We are in a really special place right now to be honest. We are literally going into a new era, and we're in a way the main actors/spectators to decide whats coming in the next decade. 'Fresh Out Da Week' is the playlist I update and it is really just a summary of the bangers underground artists are dropping during that week. I believe that if you are in the underground and living that lifestyle to the point you even buy underground apparel, then you know that it is impossible to keep up with the amount of content being put out. This is why I am making the weekly playlist so there is some kind of awareness for the underground about whats out and whats popping."

Q: Besides yourself, who are the top curators that you feel give a proper light to the underground community whether its brands or a person who simply curates as you do?

A: "There really arent a lot, but I fuck with NateNaut and Loro and their curation directions heavy. I also think if Lonelee made playlists, he would be at my level. Prestigious is definitely the original underground playlist curator to me so add him to my list for sure. Also, UVC (Underground Vampire Club) does a great job as a platform. I feel those four and then myself make a solid top 5."

Q: How do you feel about SupportArt's Spotify curation, and where do you feel we excel and where do you feel we could improve?

A: "I think its cool. I'll just say do what you think is best for what SupportArt represents. Always do your best and be the greatest you can be.

Q: What else do you plan on venturing into besides curation or even the music industry?

A: "I want to design our civilization in a sense and leave marks that will last forever almost how Egyptians did. These marks can explain our entire life to future generations. My playlists are pyramids and the songs and artists features are the hieroglyphs. I do want to be one of the greatest creatives of all time so I definitely plan on doing more than playlist curation, but right now, I am keeping those moves a secret."

Q: Is there anything you would like to add to conclude your Q&A with SupportArt?

A: "Lets be great and lets shift the culture... slowly but surely!"

We hope you enjoyed the dive into the mind of a true curator, as well as the perspective for what we do. Follow FH on Twitter HERE and enjoy some of the music that she has been a part of representing or putting together directly below!