Saturation Cant Stop The Elite

Florida is home to a vast abundance of underground hip-hop talent. As of right now, they house the best underground talent when you combine all the superstars the state is producing. Some of these artists have found themselves with a shadow cast over their craft due to the amount of great artists the area is producing. One who is still shining and carving a lane all his own his Tampa Bay product Marc The Prophet. His style is all his, fusing mainstream sounding ambient beats fused with lyrics heart filled and deep in the way we only got from Lil Peep.

Recently, the mastermind is back on major platforms with his single 'One Day'. It had been awhile since the underground community could lock Marc into their Spotify playlists and listen directly from their iOS devices, but the time has arrived. 'One Day' is an amazing song and hits right on the nail when it comes to what is becoming the signature style of Marc The Prophet. There is much more to come from this Florida native. One thing is for sure. Over saturation does not halt the elite.

Stream 'One Day' Directly Below!