San Antonio Sickness

Texas is home to so many great underground artists. Home to names like Ace McCain, Fostepco, K. Horror, NOTfree, B-L1FE, Manny Balienciaga, Stoney, and many many more. One of those names you need to know is Marko2ten. Building up his major platform catalog, his newest EP '222' is four songs long and all four are must listen music.

The tracklist for '222' is as follows

1) Toonami

2) Today Is A Good Day

3) Lets Go

4) Watch Out (feat. TrillBazz)

With only one feature, Marko2ten uses this excellent project as a chance to express his unique sound and style. Nobody else makes music the way he does. Finding a beautiful blend between grunge, trap metal, and old school hip-hop throughout all four tracks.

Stream '222' directly below, and get ready for much more from this Texas native.

Along with the great music, Marko2ten is also a rising graphic designer, and he is also available for commission. You can contact him on social media platform for more information. He was also be live often in the following months so follow up!