Same Crew, New Sound

DAI and the small cast that makes up DAI MUSIC LLC. have become known throughout late 2019 and 2020 for their heavy bass, bop sound. It has become a staple in the roster especially with the recent releases by the CEO, DAI. He then released several remixes to the plethora of bops he had released featuring various artists and showcasing his team. One of his two newest singles, 'Todai', gives us an ambient song that you could draw comparisons to Roddy Ricch with. It is a great sound that takes true talent to pull off correctly, and DAI shows that he has much more in his bag of tricks than many first thought. This release is our favorite DAI song to date and has us more than excited to see what he does going forwardl. Stream 'Todai' directly below as this is a guaranteed hit. This is one song out of the underground you certainly do not want to miss! Also follow DAI on Twitter HERE to keep up with a creative putting in a huge amount of work this year. Also, props go to the feature artist G.Soulow who absolutely bodied the chorus on this song and the producer Enzz for such a different sound for these artists to show off their skills on.