SA Blasts

If you follow SupportArt on Twitter, then we have either taken over your timeline, or you've muted us after we have taken over your timeline.

One thing, this includes every underground brand or promo team that we know of, have lost sight of is giving back. SupportArt has always pushed its free options over its paid packages, but what about literally just giving people good underground/indie music. Recently, SA has gave back. We have only asked one thing... SEND US THE LINK!

You simply send us your track from Spotify or SoundCloud and if we have an opening on either 26 song playlist you are added. Please only send us the link once. We don't respond right away because we want to keep the list secret for the fans. If we tweeted every link or just hit retweet, the blast wouldn't be special or unique. It would simply be us retweeting every single reply to try to show our own personal clout.

Currently, the first 2 spotify blasts are out. You can listen to them below.

Also, 1 SoundCloud blast is out now with number 2 coming tomorrow. You can also listen to that list at the SA Exclusive page linked below.

Remember, this is for all of you hard working starving artists so tweet your song link to @SupportArt100 and when we announce the next blast you may just get a notification from us promoting you... FOR FREE!

God speed.