S9 Has Arrived

A brand that has just began to truly emerge but is doing so in a very rapid fashion is Saturnine Realms or S9 for short. They are a collective of currently 8 artists: Punky Jones, Ivy Sirena, werecrow, DizzieDMT, hex6, Ya Mean, sosaura, and Don Gady. Some of those names should look very familiar. Our CEO has collaborated with DizzieDMT on art and on his debut album, and also featured on a single in early 2019 of Don Gady's. The roster is truly an amazing lot of talent from top to bottom, but something stood out even more.

While speaking with hex6 about the brand, she explained that the 'Realms' aspect of the name was to represent the different sounds and different spectrum of music that each artist make. This is the exact same way SupportArt modeled its internal team which now leads up to have 19 artists that are located worldwide and we now house sounds outside of hip-hop entirely. B-L1FE, SupportArt CEO, explains the process of choosing artists as being bridges to other artists. For example, we have a melodic rapper and singer in Waveon, and then we have the emo trap metal heavy Itachi West. How do we make it to where both of these artists can work cohesively? The answer is an artist like Zeeonepoint0 or B-L1FE himself. An artist that dabbles with melodic but is more influenced by grunge/grime house music as Zee is or trap metal with melodic elements like B is. It is a great system, and the music is produces is truly amazing as you can hear below as we link you directly to every artist from the S9 roster to bless your ears directly below.

This isnt just a brand. It is a family. It takes a true one to spot another one. Salute to everybody that puts their time, effort, and craft into making S9 our brand to watch this year. Last year, it was WAYV WRLD and well... them boys are full sprint with the grind now. Also if you would like the content directly from the source, the first thing you will find below is the Saturnine Realms website that you can navigate within this blog. Below that is a brief overview and each artist's music.

Punky Jones

Self Description: "I make blight music for psycho kids."

Ivy Sirena

Self Description: "Ivy Sirena is a being of 4 spatial dimensions."


Self Description: "For the tarot readers, misfits, and empaths. I create feelings. Darkness trans-mutated into beauty. Sound to inspire. We can change this realm through art alone, as above so below."


Self Description: "An idea."


Self Description: "Born out of ether. Creating something from nothing. For those who want a different kind of emotion."

Ya Mean


Don Gady

Self Description: "For the outcasts, stoners, and renegades. I create an atmosphere that is only found within me, a vibe felt around the world."