Running With Our Wo's

When we started our Spotify blasts a lot of artists grabbed our attention upon listening to the songs they had sent us to be included. One artist who stood even higher than the rest was Ohio artist Donny Wo. With above average expectations, today we will be doing a full review on Donny Wo's track 'Average Joe' featuring Blaknite. The song was produced by T.C. Trillz. Listen directly below and then read our full review.

REVIEW: From jump, Donny Wo switches up his bar patterns in unique and exponentially versatile ways. The beat is filled with hypnotic vibes that are spacy and wavy. The chorus matches the same vibe which gives the track a great contrast from the snappy, switching flows verses that Blaknite and Donny Wo deliver. The lyrics are terrific, especially in the verses. The song is of the shorter variety, but Donny Wo is able to pack a solid punch in only two minutes and thirty-six seconds. T.C. Trillz also excelled with the production. He gives the perfect amount of high hats to amp up the verses to allow for the track to have complete cohesiveness. Overall, Donny Wo alongside the featuring artist put together a great track ready for clubs and country cruises. We, and all of you, should be excited for all future Donny Wo projects. Just like Kent State, he continues to show flashes of his brillance.