Running The Race Right

For Benzo Bailey, the growth as an artist has been tremendous. Not only the sound, content, and quality but also the marketing and branding behind himself. He has a small circle behind him to thank in part for that. The rest has been built upon his only competition being himself. His sound is parallel to no other creative in the underground, and it is because he is making his music. The outside world, the swing and sway of the industry, nor the peers around him influence his work.

Again, he puts his original sound on display as he released another EP. This one is titled BENZO'S BROKE ME. It is a melodic heavy project with deep content driven songs some of which tip-top the genre lines as to whether they are even hip-hop. All of this is done in the best way. The short 3 tracks feature a few guest appearances by popstarbills on the first track of the EP which is titled 'i wish you knew'. The other feature is on track 2, 'Many Men', and that feature is by No Sleep Bay'O. Track 2 was our personal favorite and is the most hip-hop industry ready song. Track 3 is a solo effort titled 'i feel like im in 2001' where Benzo channels some really deep feelings and reflections to bring a clear image to life. Track 1 and 3 sound like a spirited Lil Peep while track 2 stood out as more of a modern day bop. All 3 are fire and worth the listen which is convenient as you can stream 'BENZO'S BROKE ME' directly below. Follow Benzo Bailey on Twitter HERE and Instagram HERE to try and keep up with all the content he has dropped and has coming soon!!