Red Alert From REDSCALE

Three names that hold a lot of power: GYLE, Ace McCain, and Larry Kush. All three are big parts of REDSCALE Magazine, a multi-media brand based out Atlanta, and the moves they have for 2019 are so big even we knew not to ask for the leak. We did want to update the people on all things REDSCALE however. Larry Kush started a brand with the help of big players like Ace McCain and GYLE, and we are now watching the beginning of something that will change the game completely. View our brief interview with GYLE and Ace McCain below as we shot both of them questions at the same time.

Q: What does REDSCALE mean to each of you?

CAIN: "The future honestly. There is no other way to say it. REDSCALE is a breath of fresh air for the culture."

GYLE: "REDSCALE represents an effort to eradicate the bullshit in this industry. We're trying to get rid of some of the hoops our artists have to jump through. Our connections when we are all put together creates a unique voice, one that is tuned to underground hip-hop and other artists who need a voice. We are pushing people who really are out here grinding and making a name."

Q: Who are the official artists outside of you two and Larry Kush that make up REDSCALE?

CAIN: "A few off top are Noah, Horror Boyz, and Frankie."

GYLE: "At this point most artists are only affiliates. We do not plan on having too many official artists. The goal is to be a road to greatness for those who work for it. Any official artists most likely have history with people close to the heads of the brand."

Q: How long has REDSCALE been around and at what time did each of you come into the fold?

CAIN: "We've been doing this for like six months, but these are my brothers for a lifetime."

GYLE: "REDSCALE was started by Larry as a video hub. A business was formed around this and our ideals. Cain and I are official part owners and have been involved for a couple months officially, but like Cain said, we are all connected from years of history."

Q: We see moves beginning to come to the surface. Any details as to what we can expect exactly?

CAIN: "We cant give away any details yet. Just know we are working harder than a lot of others out here and staying humble through God."

GYLE: "Expect us to keep coming with new lanes. Try to keep up."

Q: So as artists, what can we expect release wise from Ace McCain, GYLE, and Larry Kush?

GYLE: "I have an album dropping January 17th. Larry has some singles out and he is pushing his latest project with videos soon."

CAIN: "We have plenty dropping from singles to collabs. Everything you can imagine so you just have to pay attention."

Q: How do you each personally feel working with groups and artists like K. Camp has expanded the brand?

CAIN: "Honestly, I dont feel that even with bigger names it helped the expansion. I feel we've been doing the expanding. Everything else is just extra pieces to the puzzle."

GYLE: "I love working with artists I've been listening to for years. Its cool, but the underground is where all the potential energy is from."

Q: Outside of the inner camp, who else is making serious strides in the underground?

GYLE: "First you gotta split the culture. Cain is in Houston and tapped in there. Im in Atlanta so we got some different heat makers."

CAIN: "Im not worried about anybody else. We the future so lets focus on that, but if I have to say anybody in Houston besides us I would say shoutout to Houstock."

GYLE: "Three quick names here in Atlanta: Silk the Prince, kako 66, and ATL Terminus, but to be real there is a lot of deserving talent out here. We want to show support to all of them. Also shoutout to 504ICYGIRL and a few others who know who they are."

CAIN: "Texas wise shoutout Gwap Mizzle, Sad Face Thuggin, and the rest of the Dallas scene like Aero, Treehouse, and more."

Q: When are we going to hear GYLE, Ace McCain, and Larry Kush on the same track?

CAIN: "You can already see at the REDSCALE website. We have more heat coming later this year."

Q: What is one word that describes the movement and the brand to you specifically?

CAIN: "Manifestation."

GYLE: "Yeah, manifestation."

Q: Anything either of you would like to add before we conclude your SupportArt Q&A?

CAIN: "Its been a wonderful year so far. Honestly, shoutout to Ace McCain, GYLE, and Larry Kush."

GYLE: "If you're reading this, support your friends, dream as big as possible, and most of all, believe that shit!"

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