Recap Of Real

Artists who step outside of hip-hop's comfort zone are usually the ones who have the truest content inside of their music. One example of an artist pushing the boundaries of what genre they belong to in itself is Quil Smith. He recently dropped an 11 track project titled 'Demons + Distractions". Below you can view our song by song review of the project as you listen along.


Low Life Highway: This one produced by Curbless has a mellow vibe and content that reminds you of artists like The Weeknd. Pain is filling every line and syllable, but the melody behind it makes you want to spark another one up regardless. This pain that you hear in the intro song is what makes Quil Smith such an amazing and unique artist.

She Might: Again Quil hits listeners with a beat produced by Curbless. This time you get more of a mainstream song blended perfectly with sounds similar to Travis Scott and newer Future. Even on very melodic beats, Quil brings a grunge element to almost every track. He uses the drops in the beat this song excellently. You can tell by the cadence Quil was in his pocket on this one. Nothing about this song is forced, and it makes it an excellent addition to the project.

S3LF Esteem: This song has already been circulating around the underground and can also be found on all streaming platforms. If you follow Quil, then you know this is the song he has marketed the hardest with this project now here. The song is produced by one of the best producers in the underground in Wav God. Quil nails the vibe on this one. The song is honestly nothing short of perfection. The flow on the production and the simplicity but mixture of patterns by Wav God is simply brilliant.

Juice: On a Kanga beat, Juice was the other big marketed track from Quil Smith. SmokePurpp vibes are written all over this track. This one of the hardest slappers on the project. Quil definitely had some things to get off his chest when they armed the mic for this one. The emotion in his delivery helps the song read perfectly. This is a great track to have at #4 on the tracklist. It catches the listeners attention again, and also allows Quil to go anywhere he pleases with the rest of the project.

Ratchets + Russian Creams: Jet Life take notes. This is how you make stoner music. It is like Quil made up for the lackluster album Wiz just gave us, where the best track was the skit 'Chevy Bars' that was literally only Chevy Woods. The tone and flow Quil brings on this one almost compares to Chevy himself. Smart wordplay, and yet again patience pays off big for Quil Smith. Not a single line feels out of place or forced. If this project was a puzzle, not a piece of it can be questioned. Engineering on all the tracks up to this point and beyond is also exceptional.

BRAND NEW Q: This song may be fresh on your mind still. Quil was still pushing this single pretty hard at the time of the projects release. Q really shows his grunge side, and real street sound with this track. The tone sounds like a flex, but he simply speaking blunt facts with every lane. The beat produced by TL has a build up catered for the way Quil slides along with the instrumentals. The structure of this song, and how Quil pieced his parts together make this a standout track.

Imposters: Again teamed up with Wav God, Quil gives you real rap to the fullest. Real ones will instantly be encompassed by the vibe and content. The beat is made perfectly. Wav God again allows his skills to shine instead of adding too much. This song is the example of Quil Smith at his very best. Again one of our favorites, and it does appear that him and Wav God are a powerful duo. You can get lost in this song, and wonder why you havent heard this Beast Coast song yet. Then you realize its a powerhouse who is only moving up in the underground. The New Jersey native better be the pride of that entire area!

Outta Control: Just as the project begins to take a deep dive, Quil fills it with life again with 'Outta Control'. Wav God again delivers a great beat, and yes we would describe it as lit. Quil again speaks facts with so much confidence in his tone, content, and delivery, you would think he is flexing. Take a closer listen. He is speaking on what we need hip-hop talking about. One line stood out, "thats why the hardest still get robbed". This song also offers a very fast delivery by Quil, which he still doesnt force. He compliments the beats he selects. That in itself is a divine talent to have.

Autopilot: This song brings the only feature on the entire project forth in Houston native Young Prodigy. The two make a great combination especially for the vibe they go for. Again, you could see Quil signing to Jet Life or Taylor Gang tomorrow. Its literally in his every move. Not in a swag jacking way. You can tell this is an artist staying true to himself, and he has the SA stamp for one of the few who shows real love in the underground. Great song by both artists. Exceptional collaboration and we do hope these two have more heat for us in the future.

Too Late: Production by Curbless re-emerge at the backend of the project. 'Too Late' is definitely the deepest song on 'Demons + Distractions'. Hell, the beat alone could leave you feeling some type of way. Quil delivers a song that you have to stop and collect yourself after. Its that pain that at one point in time we have all felt. Quil finds a way to find the worses that not even the masses can find. This song is something every broken heart needs. X would be proud to see artists continuing what he set out to do before his death.

Constantine: The project is ended with 'Constantine' which was produced by Enriched. It is the perfect track to end this project. It fuses every vibe listed below into one track that honestly could ssum up the project perfectly. You have a little bit of everything, and in a way its like Quil leaves an open end to set up his next project perfectly.