Real Recognize Real

The underground is filled with dope artists. Honestly, too many. However, one thing over saturates the industry at this level even more than artists. Brands are a plague in most cases. If you are a networking artist, you have probably seen numerous promotion brands being called out for stealing, lying, and simply doing bad business. One brand that emerged in January of this year with move after move still to come is UpNext. Their site already features great content, and they have the ambition we saw in ourselves last July. They offer free and paid promo options, and they have now started a submission contest which SupportArt will be sponsoring. You can find the submission link in their pinned tweet on Twitter which you can follow HERE. Prizes for the 'World Series of Hits' competition are still being outlined but they are going to be huge; much more than the average blog post.

It is refreshing to see another brand doing more for the community than lining their pockets. Make sure to stay current on all things UpNext by visiting their website. You can find a portal to that site directly below. With only a month and a few days under their belt, they are the next power brand.

Also, if you are a fan of L1FEGFx, you can purchase all premade coverarts directly from the UpNext website under the L1FE GFX tab.