Rap Or Nah

Some creatives possess the gift of being able to create a multitude of sounds and arrangements. Some use instruments, and some simply don't have a lane. One creative with both of those rare abilities is Florida's Chris Vintage. From hype rap songs to acoustic guitar compositions, the man can do it all. Not just that, he can do it with talent, grace, and a sound that hits your ear leaving you with the feeling that you just heard greatness. Known in the underground community as merely a rapper, we sat down with Chris to talk to him about his current transition away from the genre. We will still be getting great music from him. Read below to find out what kind of music and sound you can expect.

Q: What is new about you musically and as a person?

A: "Well, right now Im in sort of a rebranding phase. Kind of shedding old skins and habits. I think it reflects in the music itself. Less hip hop with more of a straight edge rock and roll approach."

Q: So can we leave songs like 'Wraith Talk' and 'R.O.Y.' in the past?

A: "Well those songs could always be included in a set list of some sort. As of right now, the sonics are much different for the next album."

Q: What pushed you towards the change in sound?

A: "I was feeling really stagnant with just making rap based music. Making a record with ten trap beats seemed very uncreative to me personally. It was blocking my artistic expression. This is specifically in my case though. Im not knocking anybody else's influences or hustle. Music is music."

Q: In what ways will hip hop always remain in your sound?

A: "Probably some midi work on the production side. I might even end up cutting a few hip hop songs in the future. It just depends on how the record shapes itself over time."

Q: When can we expect this new sound? Do you have any releases scheduled or in mind?

A: "Its going to be a few months until everything is rolled out especially with visuals and everything being included. It will definitely be worth the wait. I've always been excellent when performing live and this new music will be next level when it comes to performances."

Q: What will be the hardest aspect of rap to leave behind so to say?

A: "I don't think theres really anything hard to leave behind. Its more of a challenge artistically, from relying on beats on samples to now composing all my own material from scratch."

Q: Where do you start the composition when it comes to the music you are currently working on?

A: "Usually with guitar. I write the entire track and then add layers of vocals and other elements."

Q: Can we expect some non-vocal music also?

A: "Not really. Mostly all the songs I write have lyrics and melody. Its another angle that will pan out as I get further into the project."

Q: When would you say we can expect the new Chris Vintage?

A: "This year. Release dates will be announced in the near future."

Q: Anything you would like to add before we conclude your SupportArt Q&A?

A: "Expect more. A lot more live performances. I think I should be heading to Dallas in April with my brother kevspeakstruth for a show. Texas is always fun. Just more content of all kinds throughout 2019. Also, thanks to you guys for the opportunity."

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