R-KNE is here!

Lyricism.. It is a dying art in the hip-hop world as the years continue. Artists continue to keep it alive and somehow end up swept under the rug while music without content flourishes around it. One of the artists in the underground on the forefront of lyricism is R-KNE. Every track you hear by him, no matter the vibe, comes with context and meaning.

We here at SA are fortunate enough to have his song 'Godspeed' as our current spotlight song, which can be found on all major streaming services.

Along with drops like 'Godspeed', you can find more of the raw and grimey, textured sound you get from R-KNE, with other singles of his like his latest 'Smoking Mirrors' & 'Darkness'. Stream all of R-KNE's music from Spotify directly below. This man has a lot in the works, much of with is alongside others from THR111 Records, coming that you should keep your eyes open for. All we can say, is this is only the beginning for an artist deserving of the shine.

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