Quality Is Worth It

A lot of artists put anything in place as their visual representation for their music. Yes, the golden days of mtv music videos are long behind us, but the thought that music videos and visuals are no longer a big deal is fictional. Revolt is pushing music videos back to the forefront especially by highlighting many underground and mid major artists. One of the worst looks an artist can have is the small "made with express premiere" tag in the corner of their video. Even videos that are short and for promotional purposes should have a professional feel. Burnout Macgyver is the perfect artist to look at when you want to see how to do visuals the correct way.

His YouTube isnt flooded with content, but the content is amazing quality. He is an artist who sticks to only official music videos so within the 6 videos you will not find any visualizers or anything other than the masked man himself. We are not against visualizers, amvs, or whatever other visual works you may want to fill your catalog. We just advise that whatever kind you get that you go to a professional. Friday, Burnout dropped his latest video to the song 'Enough' and yet again we are blown away. His music is exceptional so seeing the visual performances he brings is always a treat. Him and the filmographers he works with do an excellent job at taking normal settings and surroundings and giving them that Jigsaw meets American Horror Story aesthetic which we love about Burnout Macgyver. With videos this good, we can only hope the amount of content increases but that is a selfish comment. We know Burnout is doing it right, and you can view the newest video directly below to see for yourself. Also follow the artist on Twitter HERE to keep tabs on his new music and visuals as they are released this year!

Video Directed by Indiana Parker

Video Edited by deadg6d

Song Produced by SLVG