Q&A With Kyng Kilo

SA sat down with an artist you have been seeing alot of if you follow us. Kyng Kilo has been a step ahead when it comes to ensuring his projects have the best promo. Below is our Q&A with the man behind KYNGLORD

Q: How long did KYNGLORD take to write, record, and ultimately finish?

A: "I dont wanna lie but I want to say about 5 to 6 months."

Q: Out of all the promo teams pushing the album, even the ones outside of our joint package, who impressed you the most?

A: "Grooverelly Records & SA"

Q: How much did executive producer Kamronlord influence the album's direction?

A: "A lot. I told him a direction I was going for, and he took what I said and paved a road for it"

Q: Why only 2 features on the album?

A: "Less is more sometimes."

Q: When can we expect more Kyng Kilo?

A: "Expect more once KYNGLORD has 1k streams on Spotify."

Q: Will we see another executive producer or a variety on the next project?

A: "I dont know really. I go with the vibes of things ya know? Might be a collision of top quality producers."

Q: Will there be more features on the next album?

A: "Um no. The next one is personal to me."

Q: Do you have a path set for the next album seeing as how it is personal to you?

A: "It is more of me pointing out my flaws and explaining more of why I am how I am."

Q: Who influenced you the most the last few years in terms of style?

A: "Yung Tory & Lil Wop"

Q: Anything we missed or anything you would like to add in conclusion?

A: "S/O to my grandma who isnt with me who told me this was written. Thank you to all my fans, I love you all."