Q&A With Alphabyte

#SupportArt recently sat down with newly signed artist Alphabyte to pick his brain about the future and about his latest single "Snapped" which was produced and promoted by powerhouse producer E Smitty.

Q: How did you begin working with a big name producer like E Smitty?

A: "Honestly I just reached out to him, I sent him a link to my Soundcloud song "Stress Free Remix" and he really liked it. From there our relationship took off"

Q: Has working with him brought the additional exposure you hoped for?

A: "Absolutely, as a matter of fact, fellow artists from his record label show me love. Its been great"

Q: Can we expect more work from you and him?

A: "Yeah, I actually have one already finished with him and he's working on a third beat for me to shred"

Q: Besides E Smitty, who are your top 5 producers in any order?

A: "Just Blaze, DJ Premiere, Dr. Dre, LL, and Rick Rubin."

Q: There has been talk about a full length project coming soon. Can you give any details?

A: "All Im going to say is that the whole world is going to know Im 'Far From Average'"

Q: You recently signed with SA. Can you give us a brief summary of how that has impacted your music career?

A: "Its been really motivating. Everyone is there for the same thing: growth. Its definitely keeping me busy interacting with the underground community."

Q: Any other big names coming into the fold with your music that you can say?

A: "Nothing for the full length project specifically, I hit a lot of touchy subjects that I prefer to do alone."

Q: Your flow sets you apart. Are the touchy subjects only going to separate you even more from the rest of the rap genre?

A: "Absolutely, words have more meaning when theres conviction behind them."

Q: What is the end goal with big moves like working with names such as E Smitty and SA?

A: "I mean, I have a dream of being signed by Anilyst Music but Im just making music because thats what keeps me alive."

Q: Anything else you would like to add or that we missed or didnt touch on?

A: "Yeah let me just say that I hope the world is ready for not just me but everyone around me."

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