Q&A w/ UVC

Twitter is a very popular platform for underground music. It allows for hyperlink previews and shortcuts to almost every site and streaming service you can possibly think of. So if you use Twitter on a regular basis, you should be familiar with underground music brand Underground Vampire Club or UVC for short. In ways, they are very secretive with some inner members concealing their ties or identities, but nonetheless they are heavily plugged in. One of the staples of underground music, SupportArt reached out to a brand doing the same exact thing (with geniune intentions) to see what else we could learn about the nightwalkers. View our Q&A with Underground Vampire Club below!

Q: How long has UVC been a music support brand?

A: "Basically we started around February of this year although the account was made in October of 2017. It was pretty much inactive. We made this account during a period of our lives where we were going through a lot. It was an escape we suppose. We just love seeing new artists make good music, and we want to get their names out. Now we have a real team and website and it is fucking crazy."

Q: What other brands do you see in the underground that inspire your team?

A: "Honestly some of our favorite blog and promotion pages who put out good content would be UsVersusTheWorld, Fresh Fruit, Internet Hippy, Underground Underdogs, TrillPhonk, Hauntxr, and some others. They all in a sense cover different scenes in the undergound and that is the coolest part. We think other pages in the community doing what we are doing in a sense inspires us to see what we can do differently in the community that sets us apart from them."

Q: Has your brand pushed any artists who would be consider heavily known now?

A: "We've definitely pushed some artists now getting big placements whether that be with promotion pages like Elevator or other artists. The artists we've pushed with the most potential at the moment is Lil Xelly. That dude is the future. He works harder than anyone else and also knows the business side of the scene. We are so proud of his rise in the recent months."

Q: Where does your team hope to see UVC go or become in the indsutry?

A: "We hope that we become a prominent blog page in the industry that keeps it's focus on underground talent. We love giving our thoughts on the scene. In a way, it would be a blend of Elevator and Internet Hippy. Some members of our team are planning on living together eventually, and that is when UVC as a whole is going to take off."

Q: We know UVC Fangz, what other extensions of UVC are out there?

A: "Bloodrealm, which is our music collective. That is really the only other big part of the brand. You can count Mortal Twilight Media which is us, Culness Co., and two clothing brands all under one brand."

Q: How have the inner members managed to almost fly under the radar as the brand continues to thrive?

A: "Some people dont rep the brand and some do. Some people like to keep who they work with lowkey and everyone can respect that."

Q: How do you guys view a new brand like SupportArt?

A: "SupportArt is good for the community because people promoting each other is basically what makes the underground work, and it is how people get noticed. So essentially, everyone is about to be eating."

Q: How do you guys feel about all the brands that have recently been exposed for conducting bad business?

A: "There are just some people who dont care about the culture. As long as you're promoting good music from underappreciated creators for free, you're doing it right. Half of these brands charging for anything dont really benefit the artist in any way. Especially the 'underground influencer' guys. Some people actually put in work for the community, but it is rare to find."

Q: Who are some artists you guys would tell everyone to keep an eye on?

A: "NateNumbaEight and Lil Drank are two of our favorites right now. People should definitely be looking out for them."

Q: Anything else you guys would like to add before we conclude your Q&A with SupportArt?

A: "We will simply say, shoutout to the underground, SupportArt, and everyone in general fucking with us. <3"

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