Q&A w/ One Of Houston's Best

When you listen to most female MC's, you get a different general sound. Most have their own lane especially in these days and times. With Nicki Minaj and Cardi B setting the standard, Stoney Music is competiting with the big boys. Her lyricism is not only above all female rappers we have heard but also most male lyricists. She has punchlines that take you back to the days of Remy Ma, Lil Kim, and other street influenced female rappers. Her music is outstanding and we got a chance to catch up with Stoney Music. Below you can view our Q&A with one of Houston's best.

Q: How do you feel you are different from other female MCs?

A: "The difference in me and other females is my subject matter and lyricism. I dont ever want to just rap about sex and relationships. I feel like there is more to life and more to music than just speaking about sex."

Q: You are known for your lyricism. What would you say is the best punchline you have wrote that is in a song currently out?

A: "my soul will live forever these pussy niggas cant take me out. even when the metal table lay me out. even if you niggas was undercover couldnt stake me out"

Q: Which female rapper would you say inspired you the most?

A: "So many women in the industry inspired me, but the biggest I would have to say was/is Lauryn Hill. This woman has only one solo project out and is still a hip-hop legend. 'The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill' was an amazing album, and the fact that it can still be played shows just how iconic and timeless of an artist she truly is. That is inspiring."

Q: Where can people locate your music?

A: "Any and every place possible to stream music... even Amazon haha."

Q: How would you say being a Houston native influenced your sound?

A: "I dont think it influenced my sound as much as my outlook on culture. The culture in Houston runs deep. There is definitely a vibe in the city. Just being in the studio in Houston verses other cities puts me in a different headspace."

Q: Any upcoming projects we should have our eyes out for?

A: "Definitely have a lot of new material coming. I take my time on things and anything I create is going to be quality and as close to being as perfect as possible everytime."

Q: In your fans opinion, what do you think they consider your best song currently out?

A: "Its a toss up between 'Pressure' and 'Remember' until they hear this next track I have coming."

Q: Do you have any collabs in the works?

A: "All I can say is, just keep an eye out for me."

Q: Who are your favorite current Houston underground rappers?

A: "Theres a few artists making noise in the city right now. King Hendricks, Maxo, D Flowers, OTB Fastlane, and really a lot more."

Q: Anything you would like to add before we conclude your Q&A here with SupportArt?

A: "If you're not on the wave, get on before its too late. The rest of this year is going to be crazy. Thank you to all the blogs, promo pages, and listeners who support me. I appreciate it."

Watch The Official Music Video For 'Pressure' Below