Q&A w/ Executive Producer Yung N ICy

Yung N ICy is more than an in-house producer for #SupportArt. The man is the executive producer and runs the entire production division of the brand. You have probably seen him on your timeline or IG feed. He has dropped a beat daily for over 2 weeks minimum now. We wanted to sit down and pick the brain of a true worker!

Q: What inspired the one beat a day idea?

A: "I'd say probably just from switching my energy towards Beatstars from Soundclick. I just wanted to get beats on there quick, but at the same time didnt want them all up at once cuz then it would be awhile til I make something to upload. Plus never tried it before so wanted to see what happens."

Q: Are all of the drops new or beats you've had in the vault?

A: "Some of both."

Q: How did the new production collaboration with CamBJammin occur?

A: "A little while back I think around the time he joined #SupportArt I sent him some melodies. The other day, I'm in one of the chats and see him drop a link to a song with 'produced by me and him' in the link and was like 'ooohhhh thats what he came up wit'. It was a cool surprise."

Q: Was the role of executive producer for SA something you wanted?

A: "It was just something I embraced when the opportunity came to me. More than anything Im just trying to add value to the brand. I wasnt thinking much about any title."

Q: What are your goals when it comes to the brand?

A: "When we first talked about me joining I remember you mentioning building it into a label one day so I'd say thats been in my head. I feel like we could really make some noise in the underground. We could have everyone on point with supporting each other so as one we can all come up."

Q: Who are some artists (mainstream or underground) that you would love to produce for?

A: "I'd say YoungNFly. I've been listening to him for years. He and some others were the ones who inspired me to produce. Also Kendrick, J Cole, or Lil Wayne just because they are some of my favorite artists and I'd to see them in the booth. Also maybe Drake just because who doesn't. Anything he touches turns to gold. Pierre Bourne too. I really fuck with his beats and his songs."

Q: Who in SA do you still wanna work with that you haven't yet?

A: Angry Orphan. He got hella bars. Been cool with him even before he came into the corporate side of SA."

Q: After college, can we expect your game to go to another level when it comes to production, this being your senior year.

A: "I can say as of right now, Im always improving with my music whether Im making four beats in a month or four in a week. Right now my goal is to stay in Florida after graduating whether Im staying for music or engineering while doing music on the side. Only time will tell. Either way, Im pursuing both, shooting at every target until something hits."

Q: Anything we missed or any shoutouts before we conclude your Q&A?

A: "I think thats all I got right now. I dont want to leave anyone out with a shoutout forreal so I'll just say shoutout to anyone thats helped on the journey thus far. You know who you are. Up to you if you keep that part in there or not. I'm only getting better with time so dont sleep on the kid."