Q&A w/ A Real One

Our freestyle winner already got a spotlight song. He also got a blog review on the song. But we here at SupportArt felt he deserved the most. So we wanted to sit down with Jeez for a Q&A about no specific topic, just who and what he is. A dope MC is clear but what is beneath the rapper.

Q: Why did you choose 'OK' with 4 Money as your spotlight song?

A: "I see myself as someone trying to flourish as a lyricist in a world where 'swag rap' or 'bangers' are all anyone wants to hear. That song is more of a hype vibe that people my age will love while still keeping lyricism intact."

Q: Who would you say you appreciate in today's mainstream scene?

A: "As far as rappers I appreciate that are mainsteam I would have to say Jaden Smith, Earl Sweatshirt, Kevin Gates but mostly his older music. Also, Erykah Badu isnt a rapper but I love her music and insight at times."

Q: How did it feel to win the SupportArt freestyle competition?

A: "It felt pretty good. I honestly didnt expect to win and almost forgot I submitted an entry. You know how the saying goes. You miss one hundred percent of the shots you dont take. Im happy I shot my shot."

Q: Were you pleased with the results you had with being an SA spotlight artist/song?

A: "Oh yea for sure. I love when people genuinely enjoy my music."

Q: Any big drops or projects we can look out for from you?

A: "Yes Soon I will be getting my own in home studio equipment so I will continue to work on my EP 'Lazy Assassin' which is inspired by Shikamaru Mara."

Q: Are there any artists signed to SupportArt you could see a great collab happening with?

A: "Im sure everyone from SupportArt has something amazing to offer the game. I havent had the pleasure of linking to work with any of them yet but anything is possible."

Q: What did producer, CXDY, bring to the table in terms of the finished product?

A: "He brought the vibe and main rhythm of the song. When I heard the beat I just felt it and my brother 4 Money felt the same. Music can be cut into a lot of percentages if you break it down but this song was fifty-fifty. One part being rapper, and the other part being production."

Q: Are you currently signed to a label or representing a brand?

A: "Poker Club and Gorealla Records are the two collectives I represent. As far as the future, no matter what I do I'll always be an artist."

Q: How did you first link up with those two collectives?

A: "Gorealla Records is the first collective I linked up with, and I recorded most of my early music with them. Poker Club is a collective consisting of just 4 Money & myself."

Q: Anything you would like to add before we conclude your Q&A with SupportArt?

A: "Music is a tool that educates and brings people together. I hope that mine does both one day."