Progress Is An Understatement

There hasnt been much time since Preshy burst onto the underground scene. He has impressed more and more with each drop while still finding who he is exactly as an artist. When we covered his single 'Kite' we were intrigued by his sound, quality, and how cohesive everything already sounded. He is definitely one of the artist that we here at SA are keeping a close eye on especially with us currently having an open roster spot. His newest single was yet another level up for this creative with the release of 'Hypebeast'. The title does not oversell the song. The energy and the hype vibe is there fully and Preshy has now begun to show multiple layers and styles that are in his arsenal. The song can be streamed below and it will speak for itself. We also have even more Preshy content directly below. Also follow him on Twitter HERE to get your news from the source. 2020 is only the beginning and it may not take until a different calendar year for big, big things to happen!

You can find music from Preshy on all streaming platforms. His music has also made the likes of some Spotify curated playlists and the newest single has found placement on HighOnInternet. We hope you all enjoy as much as we did and will! REMEMBER TO SUPPORT ART!