Pressed And Finessed

We have expanded the reach of our platform to also include streaming services like iTunes, Spotify, and YouTube. YouTube is a hidden market where most artists send music videos to die unless they have a present and stable fan base already behind them. Also music videos are a dying system with so many people using quick and easy streaming services for all of their music like Spotify. We are here to shine a light on good music and also good visuals. Two artists who have extended their reach and personal platforms are Wavy Banx and Stoney. Stoney, female MC from Houston, has made a previous appearance on our blog and website. She is back with her video for 'Pressure' and we open the gates for the music video for Wavy Banx's song 'Finesse'. View both videos below as well as a brief review from us over each one.

Stoney - Pressure

Review: Lyrically, nobody really holds a flame to Stoney. She bodies other female MC's and stands toe to toe with the boys. The video has a vintage look. You get that sepia looking filter to the scenes that gives the grunge feeling that Houston is known for. The glitch effects and RGB movements add to the vibe and are in sync with the beat and musical pulses. Add the terrfic performance presence Stoney gives, and this video is a completion when it comes to being industry standard. This is only the beginning for her, whether it is here on SupportArt or in general so you should keep following with eyes wide open.

Wavy Banx - Finesse

Review: Dont worry, we got caught with this one repeat a couple times too. These are some of the best visuals we have ever seen. The intro sequence with the neon smoke effects spelling out his name capture the audience from the very beginning. The beat is hard hitting and Wavy Banx adds impeccable bars and vibes behind the visuals. The scenery is fast changing and uplifting with bright tones and skyscrapers. The b roll footage with ghosting effects is excellent and allows for the video to continue to easily transition. Just like Stoney, Wavy Banx has a good perfomance presence that always adds to any artist's videos. Nobody wants to watch someone in one location standing still. Its very clear this Atlanta artist is standing above the competition and aiming towards getting the bag. We will be following him closely going into the future.

Also, we have linked you directly to these artists below.

Stoney On Twitter HERE

Wavy Banx On Twitter HERE

Stream Wavy Banx On SoundCloud