Presidential Spotlight

Our new YouTube package has been taking off. We have found so many excellent artists through this new asset with offer for the cheapest price for a service with such quality. Our newest artist to take their video to the spotlight is Dee C and his music video for 'I Just Wanna'. View the video below followed by our review.

Review: This video, directed by Noah Ijubic, immediately feels you with inspiration. You are taken from scenes of Dee C listening through his headphones to the works he is putting together to scenes of Dee C outside of large stadiums. It is clear from the beginning that he has big moves ahead and big aspirations. You can tell that as an artist and producer, he is very focused and determined. The hook of the song features beautiful female vocals that continue as adlibs throughout the verses. Dee C gives you a raw tone that reminds one of David Banner and Bonecrusher. Even though there are bars about flexing, the humble tones transpired through these visuals leave viewers with goosebumps. Dee C makes you root for him based off the lyric content and b roll scenes of what every artist spends hours doing. Looking at pieces of notebook paper, starring into the night sky, and listening to the same loop for hours until you get it perfect. You do not get much from Dee C from this video, but he is a newer artist. This is a great starting point. Our visual review is 10 out 10 hands down. Our review of the song is a 7 out of 10. The verses couldve blended with the female adlibs slightly better, and we want to hear Dee C's voice pop. This is simple things that are yet again considered nitpicking. Overall we are honored to review this artist and amazing video. If his future visuals are anything like the ones for 'I Just Wanna' we may see his videos all over TVs around the world.