Praying to Sweetbabyjesus

No, we aren't going to make another Talladega Nights pun. The artist featured in the write-up is astonishing. With a range of styles he can smash, he is a artist filled with what we can only call vibes. From songs that make you roll your sack up like 'Money' to deep heartfelt songs like 'Stuck'. We got the chance to sit down with the Baltimore rapper and ask questions about all aspects of his career and catalog. View our Q&A below.

Q: Outside of rapping and vocals, what other crafts do you bring to the table?

A: "Although I mainly rap now, I played trombone for 4 years and sang in choir for 5 years. Im slowly teaching myself to mix and master, but I wouldnt say Im very competent yet."

Q: To date, what would you say your best song is that is currently released?

A: "I would have to go with my most recent song I put out called 'Money' featuring my homie Specs. Track was produced by Secret Stash also."

Q: How does working with features like Specs influence how you flow in a song?

A: "Working with people like Specs is easy because he is a close friend so we naturally get along well, but working with anyone doesnt change my work ethic. I put everything I've got into whichever project Im working on at the time."

Q: Who is your favorite producer to work with?

A: "I gotta go with another good friend of mine, Benzo Bryant. The man is ridiculously talented and can make music for all kinds of genres."

Q: What sub-genre of hip-hop would you consider your music if any?

A: "Chill hop kind of vibes for the most part. I try to make deeper music, but I have a penchant for trying to make music you could cruise to at night while smoking a blunt. Its not really hype music, but it is catchy."

Q: Any big projects in the works you can tell us about?

A: "I do have an EP I would like to get done. I even have a few feature verses from some more well known artists. Due to real life struggles and such, I cant promise a date for the project yet."

Q: Are you keeping the name of the EP and the features under wraps or would you like to tell the world here on

A: "The current name I have for it is 'Sweet! The EP', and I do have a Michal Chrismas feature but there are a couple of other artists I would to get on the project like Michael Da Vinci."

Q: Who do you want to work with in the underground that you have yet to collaborate with?

A: "Hmmmm. Definitely Blu. He is the man that inspired me to begin rapping."

Q: What do you feel like you need to learn the most to begin engineering on a bigger level?

A: "I'd really like to get my levels right, learn how to make everything blended and even. For now, Im kind of judging based off what I hear. I dont know the actual science behind it just yet."

Q: How far is 2019 going to take Sweetbabyjesus?

A: "As far as I can reach. I'd like to put out a few projects I can be proud of to end 2018 also."

Q: Anything you would like to add before we conclude your SupportArt Q&A?

A: "I'd just like to add that you guys are a great site and team for artists like myself, really makes me feel like I have at least a little support at my back."

Listen to 'Money' ft Specs (Prod. Secret Stash) Below

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