Powder Puns

Today we have a video uploaded directly through SupportArt by DMV artist Chris Cartier.

'White Girls' is a pun on the word white girl (cocaine) and the female herself. This video represents the drip that is coming out of VA, and how many people are copying the wave. 'White Girls' is perfect for when you’re partying, getting lit, or just chilling smoking with your friends. This song is even perfect for intimacy if you play your cards right. Cartier added, "The song white girls just came randomly to me while I was making the song, but the length of the song and video is almost 3 minutes. The vision for the video is that you gotta keep your circle tight because I’ve been down bad, even incarcerated, and nobody (and I mean nobody) was there even trying to lend a helping hand. I can call very few people real in this world while many just play the fake persona. This visual will showcase the real music coming out of the DMV because nobody has heard this kind of music before". All while showcasing the beautiful array that is Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Cartier also saluted the following people: Najee Mir, Dasean, Chrishaad, Donte, and KWAD. In brief summary he added, "All these people have always keep it real from the start and I wouldn’t change that shit for the world".

View The Beautiful Promo Teaser Video Below

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