Potential Empire Rises

Here at SupportArt we focus on a lot more than just music. Even when it comes to music we do not care what genre it is as long as it is good quality music. We were recently contacted by a young man with a vision that has no limits. A man with a plan to takeover not only one market, but all of them. With his site set to launch for his clothing brand, we got with Najee Mir to ask him questions about not only the clothing line but the moves it will lead him and his business to. View the Q&A below and enjoy some great visuals.

Before we got started Najee gave us a brief rundown of the clothing line. Here it is: The clothing line that is about to go live is called Mir Inc. It is called that because my last name is Mir. My goal is to build an empire and use that for more than just clothing. I want to do events with that name. I hustle for my last name not my first. I've already been recognized by the likes of Doe Boy, D Savage, DMV Music Plug, BVNDGXD, and more. Even my idol, Ian Connor, sent me a message to tell me he fucks with me. So with all that said we are ready to finally drop.

Q: Are the artists you mentioned in the brief run down considered brand ambassadors?

A: "Not currently. They support it but dont wear it just yet. Eventually they will all be seen in Mir Inc. clothing."

Q: Is there any pieces of your clothing line available for purchase as of now?

A: "Right now, no. Just waiting for the site to go live. Once the website is released, the public will be given five different designs or items to then purchase."

Q: What specific items can we expect? Are we talking shirts, hoodies, or what for the initial release?

A: "You can always expect the unexpected with me, but for the first drop we have hoodies, button up shirts, flannels, and sweatshirts. You gotta stay cozy."

Q: When will accessories like hats and such start to roll out?

A: "People can expect those shortly after this release. Right now we are thinking about two to three weeks after."

Q: What inspired your clothing line?

A: "Honestly, a lot inspired the clothing. Things like wanting to make my last name widely known for creativity. Thats why its called Mir Inc. Ian Connor also was an inspiration when it came to me starting the line. He has been my idol since a younger age, and to have him contact me to tell me he supports was amazing and keeps the push going."

Q: Would you say the clothing industry is all about who you know?

A: "In a way yes. You definitely need connections and opportunities, but I think if you truly love what you do and think you can be successful regardless of anything else you'll be alright in any industry. You just have to keep working."

Q: How much do you think music and fashion co-exist?

A: "They go together more now in this day and age. We now have fashion designers putting people on. BIggest examples are people like Ian Connor and A$AP Rocky. They are GOATs."

Q: How do you see your clothing line changing the world?

A: "See, its more than just clothing for me. The clothing will help change the world along with my vision in whole. Mir Inc. is based of my last name. I will use that with events, clothing, movies, and more."

Q: What other moves can we expect with your goal being to build an empire?

A: "Other moves to be ready for are definitely movies, more clothing of course, a wide variety of events, a YouTube day to day series, and shit maybe even books."

Q: Anything you would like to add before we conclude your Q&A with SupportArt?

A: "Yeah... Shoutout to SupportArt, and definitely be on the look out for me. Najee Mir, remember that name people."

Below You Can View Some Sample Pics Of The Clothing And Some Visuals That Also Introduce The Man Behind Mir Inc.