Pot Smoker Paradise

Updated: May 25, 2020

Just about every artist and person in general these days either uses or has used marijuana in some shape or form. However, some artists embody the blazing lifestyle to the point they become a voice behind the great plant that soon will be legal in all of the US. That artist is Florida stand out Blazel. His newest drop adds to the stoner songs (also known as hits or bangers) that he has released with his latest single 'Oceans 420' which was produced by Parker Jazz. This song is a vibe in itself and for those not as clever as Blazel the title is a nod to the classic Ocean 11 series. Blazel is clearly as clever as Danny himself. You can follow Blazel on Twitter HERE and sub to his youtube by listening to the brand new single directly below! Remember... marijuana heals! Enjoy the new song and official music video directly below!