Original Sound for Original God

We were first put onto the sound of Original God while we covered the single off Sorry X's fast approaching EP 'Even Stevens' which was an amazing guest appearance. Original God has a unique sound and mixture of styles that blends without effort and creates a sound truly unique to him. With a rapidly growing Spotify following (over 100k per month) and a vast catalog of sounds to choose from, we are proud to cover Original God's newest single 'Fight Night'.

The first thing that jumps out is the amazing cover art and we dug through the catalog of music Original God has to offer we saw a theme that the art stays very true to and the aesthetic matches the music to perfection. As you click play, remember you are listening to an artist that can go from melodic singing to metal like screams. With 'Fight Night' you get a combination of both on top of an almost EDM sounding beat.

This song reminds us of old Chiodos or Panic at the Disco!. The transitions from the hardcore elements into the singing and edm sweeps that make you want to dance is almost pulling fully away from hip-hop however it stays true to the genre while showing great range and talent by Original God to be so well versed in so many different vocal techniques. For those of you that think metal is just screaming, then it would be a rude awakening to find out how much training and control of the diaphragm goes into metal screams. Then add the fact that this artist goes from that to a beautiful singing voice and you should be amazed. The song is a great listen and gives you these nostalgic Stranger Things vibe that the beat helps portray. Other artists like Original God that you may know or that may help lead you to the play button are Lil Lotus, familypet, 6obby, Lil Happy Lil Sad, and other tremendous talents. Listen to 'Fight Night' which is available on all streaming platforms directly below and follow Original God on Twitter HERE. We hope to cover much more from this artist moving forward. You can also stream his feature on Sorry X's 'Even Stevens' directly below!