Open Your Mind

A few days ago, we posted a blog including the pre-save link for Tony Grands' latest single 'Third Eye Low'. Now the song has been out for a couple days so we can give you our official review. Please keep in mind, we in no way ever throw shade or give anything other than professional, constructive feedback. Stream the single below if you happened to miss it and then catch our review. We hope you enjoy.

REVIEW: Tony Grands does it again. This song is real line after real line and no filler. Its clear he only built off his EP which we covered a month ago. The beat is hard hitting, and as to be expected, Tony Grands brings his gritty textured sound. The verses are excellent. The lyricism is a step above what rap can handle. Most will turn away from a song like this because it is not glorifying the typical things that hip-hop is now known for. The hook is catchy, and the unique tone Tony Grands delivers it with leads to a great build up feeling into each verse. This is the lane we hope to see this artist stay in. Go through our blog posts to also hear his EP 'Headshot' and to find more dope artists that are only going up with each and every day.

You never know, you may catch one of them in your city with their third eye low.