Only The Start Of His Newest Chapter

K!NG... bbyking... now, Benzo Bailey. The artist has transformed numerous times, well past just his name, throughout the course of just over a year. However, a big break finally came his way recently as he signed on with Weebay and his label. That has led to a few leaks off what is in store from Benzo Bailey. The latest leak that follows up 'Late Nights 2' is a song featuring Weebay called 'Fast' and it is amazing. Production for the song was done by Pluto.

We spoke after his EP that the quality has taken gigantic strides in a short amount of time. Surprisingly enough, his quality again takes a leap forward. His content and his balance between the singing we have all come to love and the rap style he now incorporates are steady improving. Every song from him is better than the last. That is a huge element as a creative. Nothing will ever be perfect for a real artist. The true goal is to continue to grow. The way Benzo has also switched names has looked effortless and his fan base stays loyal and in tact. Clearly signing onto Weebay's label is benefitting this young artist. He seems to be finding himself as a person and musician. We hope to continue to see this rise from one of the underground's most talented artists. Without further ado, click that play button on 'Fast' directly below to hear what we consider to be Benzo Bailey's best song. The best part is that it and 'Late Nights 2' are merely leaks and teasers to grow his fan base even more. If this is a look at the future, we are in store for some of the best music to ever come from the underground.

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P.S. the feature by Weebay is also a hot commodity. We didnt want to discredit his work at all. He is definitely a molding factor who has the same amount of faith in Benzo as we here at SupportArt do!