Once Upon A Time

There was once a time when Burnout Macgyver visuals stayed tame. The scenery wasnt shifting, and you could tell that there was an artist still finding himself despite the immense amount of talent. Even though the mask remains, the visual efforts of late have shown Burnout coming out of his shell. This is true with his latest music video for the single 'Once Upon A Time'. You get your classic grunge aesthetic, but you also get some very clever directing from Orange Cap. Insert a gorgeous model, a beat with a dope sample produced by SLVG, and you get what is our favorite visual effort to date from Burnout Macgyver. The song itself is also our favorite to come from his catalog. View the video for 'Once Upon A Time' directly below and judge for yourself. Expect for the horizons to keep broadening for this talented creative. Also follow him on Twitter HERE to keep tabs on what the masked emcee has in store.