Oh My! Is Right

SIROKA has been an artist of tremendous growth. He has changed himself not only as a vocal musician but as a producer, and continues to push his own boundaries. This has created a unique, terrific sound that accompanies every feature and release from him we have heard this year. Now, SIROKA is gearing up for another album, and started so with the release of his first of three singles 'Oh Me Oh My' which features Cody James. The song is vibes. You never get just one from a SIROKA track. Especially when he self produces the track due to the fact his production style is known for its big switches and drops that almost fuse two songs and feelings together. The first single is melodic and filled with clever hard hitting bars from both SIROKA and Cody James. One thing is for sure, this album will be good. Now we just gotta wait patiently for the next two singles.

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