Not The Best Day Ever

Sorry for the delay, but to even put these words down was a hard enough task. About a week ago, we lost a 26 year old man who we all knew and loved... Mac Miller. He inspired a unique sound and never became mainstream (actually quite the opposite) when given the chance. True fans remember hearing 'Best Day Ever' and his very first collabs with Wiz. Weren't those the days? He never strayed from his artistic vision. The only thing that could have taken him was death itself. What is called an overdose (surprising seeing as how Mac had openly discussed drugs and how to do them safely for example microdosing) took away a legend in the making. Remember his song 'Donald Trump'? If it was not for Trump actually winning the election, we would all still be jamming that. Mac Miller was a trendsetter and taken too young. No need to repeat the info but through our previous blogs we have referenced the suicide hotline phone number, now famous through the widely known Logic song. Below we ask all the SA fans and supporters to link us to your favorite song on whatever platform. Lets make this blog a tribute. A tribute where we all come together. That was the whole point of SupportArt. CFO, B-L1FE, started this label less than 3 months ago on the day the music world lost XXXTentacion. Now, here we are again with heavy hearts. The first major platform song ever released by B-L1FE was titled 'RIP XXX' which you can still find on those platforms. Today he dropped a SupportExclusive entitled 'Young Legends' which without saying so was a tribute to the lost musicians we miss like Mac Miller, X, and Chester Bennington. Listen to both below. We also have placed some of our favorite Mac Miller songs below. Enjoy, try not to cry, and rejoice because if he had lived no life at all, we wouldnt have the classics we do today.

R.I.P. Mac