Not Singing The Same Ol Song

LUVGRIP has emerged as a rising star in the underground in a very short amount of time. Producers are now more of a focal point than ever which is a great thing, but what sets LUVGRIP apart. One thing is the style of beats. LUVGRIP isnt simply dropping production that sounds like everything else everywhere. You are getting melodic beats and structures that in themselves are a song. 'Candyflip' is the perfect example and it is now available on all major streaming platforms. This brings us to the project of LUVGRIP's that we are going to focus on. It is a very unique idea that actually brings an odd unity to the underground... 'LUVMIX VOLUME 1'.

In a different approach than we have encountered, the project features 5 songs and all 5 are to the exact same instrumental. LUVGRIP was looking for the most unique artists that could be found to see how diverse a catalog of sounds that could be constructed with the beat remaining the same. Artists are already flocking to be a part of Volume 2. The five songs are by Yung A.I., sugarblood, 2Shay, G.O SOUL, and MiNUTE. In the same order as the artist listing, the track names are 'Case Closed', 'dumb boy', 'Cardi', 'ICY COLD FREESTYLE', and 'Keepin It 50'. From the track names alone, you can already tell that their will be different subject matter. It is amazing to see how creatives get different tones and energies from the next and this project is almost a social experiment that proves just that. Listen to 'LUVMIX VOLUME 1' directly below and read on for our review over the instrumental and the 5 songs created to it. Also follow LUVGRIP on Twitter HERE to keep tabs on this amazing creative!


Instrumental: The drums on the beat are absolute perfection. The snares are on beat and crisp. The bass thumps without distorting or overpowering the vocal performance. It is truly good production. There is one note in the melody that is pretty high and it is EQ'd so well that it almost seems to have a high pass on it making it fall lower in the octave. The drops are our favorite parts of beats, and you get plenty of those with this beat. The instrumental as a whole carries a very ominous and ambient feel with a lot of well timed drops. If we had to picture one artist that is mainstream on this beat it would probably be Juice WRLD. Odd that today is the day we lost Juice WRLD on the same day that we dive deep into this beat filled category. Rest in power Juice. LUVGRIP and plenty of other up and coming creatives are carrying on where you unfortunately had to leave. Beat is a 10 out of 10 performance.

Track 1: 'Case Closed' by Yung A.I.

Case Closed is the bop angle. The drops and cellphone sfx in the beat do allow for it to have this take with ease and Yung A.I. uses the beat very well as he delivers the vibe to a T. He doesnt force the 808 bounce flow and gives you more ambient bars when the beat slows down before drops. The song structure and audio quality are amazing. This is a song everybody should have on repeat in all honesty. Hopefully Yung A.I. and LUVGRIP work more in the future because this is a hit. Great tone setter for the beginning of this mixtape.

Track 2: 'dumb boy' by sugarblood

Earlier we mentioned the beat having a Juice WRLD vibe and in comes sugarblood. The audio effects arent overbearing with the heavy reverb and pitch correction. That is a problem many creatives have. After two tracks, it is clear this project is going to deliver a professional uniform sound in terms of its engineering. The hook is very catchy on this song. Definitely something that one could hear XXXTENTACION singing on his hits like 'Moonlight' and 'SAD!'. Another banger but in a different way. Only knit picking is the verse didnt have many standout moments. The tone changes in the hook were exceptional and some of those in the verse would have been amazing.

Track 3: 'Cardi' by 2Shay

This is the club song on the mixtape. 2Shay brings his known adlibs that are one of a kind. Same as Travis Scott and no matter how hard we all try we cant get our "its lit" to sound the same. The song is a club song with a relaxed feel. This definitely the song the boys listening to as they blowing down, and its the perfect song to get ladies moving at the turn up. The end tempo and pitch change is also a great addition. It was a thought of ours as to if any of these artists would change or cut the beat to give their take a more standout feel. The end of 'Cardi' makes it most memorable, but we still have track 4 and 5.


We get the conscious rap style with this. G.O. Soul has some nice bars with a very snappy cadence. The cadence is a little off at the start but he gets it back shortly into the song and doesnt miss a single beat from there. We feel the energy should have been higher in the vocal performance almost like that of Kendrick Lamars 'ADHD'. Without the energy, you get a very good song not a hit. The song does end with a nice dj brakestop that chops that is the second beat edit and this one also makes the song standout. The energy just needed to go up a little for it to be a hit but a very solid song and something many will be vibing with in the following months.

Track 5: 'Keepin It 50' by MiNUTE

Track 5 is the trap anthem. At first we thought it was Lil Baby on this song. The content and cadence bounces from Flipp Dinero to Lil Baby to DaBaby and it works. The flow is very nice and like the previous 4 songs the audio quality is bar none. We do not know if this is a true studio work, but it sounds industry ready and this song ends it in a perfect way... wanting every listener begging for Volume 2. MiNUTE is definitely an artist to watch. His composition on the LUVGRIP beat was the best collab effort between artist and producer for us. He definitely an artist to find via LUVGRIP. Just hit that follow hyperlink before the Soundcloud player!

This is only a five song mixtape, but it delivers like an EP ready for major platforms and the radio. All 5 songs are great. The best part is it isnt production that is fully carrying some of the compositions because no cap this beat is hard as FUCK. Its a perfect balance between the work of LUVGRIP and the vocal performances of MiNUTE, 2Shay, sugarblood, G.O SOUL, and Yung A.I. All are very talented artists we hope to learn more about directly.

Until next time.... Stay supporting art! Also hear all the hits by LUVGRIP directly below. Stay blessed and RIP Juice WRLD!