Not Just Another Night Out

What pops into your thoughts when you think of Sex Bars? Well, lets change your perception, and while doing so, get you prepared for the new EP coming from LA artist Macharo. His EP 'SexxxBars' is slated to drop this Valentine's Day and he is pulling out all the stops. Along with the great lineup, which we will go over shortly, he also released an official promo trailer for the music video that will launch the project 'Pull Up'. View the official trailer, tracklist, and artwork below!

SexxxBars Official Tracklist


I) Intro ft King Zala

II) Pull Up ft J Classic

III) First Place

IV) Can I

V) Dripping ft King Zala

VI) Lie To Me

VII) Karma Sutra

VIII) Oh Yeah

There are many things that set Macharo apart. Alongside great visuals, he pushes forth your mainstream sound with several unique sparks and flares. This will be key in a day that platforms like Soundcloud become even more over saturated. At the end of the day, a project is remembered for all the little things. Also, his plan for marketing the project has been executed flawlessly. The video for 'Pull Up' will only serve as an appetizer for five more songs as Macharo pushes the limits of an EP artistically and in terms of project length. Alongside Macharo, we will hear the likes of King Zala and J Classic. Below is the official artwork. Before viewing make sure to drop the artist himself a follow on Twitter HERE.