Nostalgic Trip

AJ Chaka has long awaited the release of his single 'All Sides' and it has performed as expected. Already closing in on 10k Spotify streams, he delivers a throwback vibe that definitely is a mood lifter. The song gives you vibes from the 90's and the sound is almost reminiscent of Pharell Williams. The lyrical content is outstanding, and AJ Chaka has a cadence that changes as the beat evolves. The second verse is a great example of this as he interchanges rhyme schemes flawlessly. It is so well put together you can almost lose track of where you are listening. Many rappers these days are leaving a full pause after every bar. Where it can, at times, be used to highlight punchlines or set up a beat drop, it has become a practice that is over used and often the product of non lyrical/artistic content. AJ Chaka gives us the opposite this time as he sets himself up for a giant 2020.

Stream 'All Sides' below. Let the no rules message carry through your soul. Also follow the artist himself on Twitter HERE for more updates as they come from AJ Chaka! We are excited to see how he evolves lyrically and when it comes to tone and subject matter. The only point we feel could've improved is his tone in certain areas. This is something subjective. We feel that this song will only get better with time. It is a song you will want the minute summer arrives again in 2020. Salute to all that took part in making 'All Sides' a possibility!