No Title Needed

Updated: May 26, 2019

If you had to put a picture of a person next to the definition of perfectionist, you would see a picture of Cody James. So far, if you simply read books based on their covers, he has given us two songs in 2019. Yes, two. He just dropped a new single produced by fellow SA alum Siroka titled 'No Title Needed'. But here is the thing, most do not see how much work Cody James has really put in this year. Whether it is giving back to his local artists and community, or growing the young talent within SA, he is giving 110% and doing it the right way. We sat down with Cody James to ask not only about the new single, how it will contrast and relate to the first, but we also asked about what other business and avenues he is entering... and taking over. Read our Q&A with one of the SA leaders directly below.

Q: You are well known for your marketing already so how much truly went into getting to that release day for 'No Title Needed' ?

A: "Maaaaaaaaaan, a lot goes into marketing pre release. Working out the right day is the hardest part. Making sure there is enough buzz around the song from snippets, visuals, etc is key. We did a lot of stuff different this time around."

Q: You did do a lot different. In some ways this release seems like a surprise drop, but if anyone follows you they know it isn't. How do you feel the change in marketing will be beneficial? A: "To some it may seem like a surprise drop, but if you do truly follow me you know thats not the case. 'All Gas No Breaks' was marketed for so long that I think this song makes it seem like a surprise drop, but I think its a good idea to get something out that is a different style. Something that is really Cody James for the beginning of summer. That way I can also deliver more fire visuals for yall."

Q: What do you plan on doing differently when it comes to this music video following the video for 'All Gas No Breaks'?

A: "Everyone will hate this answer, but its going to be a surprise. I really want this to be something special."

Q: Your EP has been talked about by us and the industry quite a bit. How much longer are you going to leave fans waiting for it?

A: "Everything got blurred with some personal stuff that happened that delayed some things. The EP is still being worked on to this day. Im a perfectionist, which is a pro and con at the end of the day, but Im not putting it out until its something that I want to bump daily myself. I'll know when the moment is right. 2019 is very realistic. 'No Title Needed' is a slight taste of what Cody James is. Soon enough, people will have a much clearer picture."

Q: As mentioned earlier, you have become an excellent marketer, especially with the launch of your website Is NTN (No Title Needed) the last of what we get outside of features for awhile, or do you have content away from music coming that ties into the website and so on?

A: "Hell no! Cody James is about to be doing something special for content to be dropping on a regular basis. We also have content coming in multiple ways from videos, merch, more singles, projects, collabs with SA artists as well. So far, you can expect heat from me alongside Siroka, kevspeakstruth, and B-L1FE."

Q: Well.. full of surpirses. Just when it seemed the brakes were going to be applied a bit you hint at even more pressure that will be applied. We have seen samples of Cody James merch. When can people expect access to their own?

A: "Always pressure being applied. Im looking to make diamonds out of it one day, and merch is coming soon. Also, there is a good possibility of a clothing line that is its own entity."

Q: Rumor is kevspeakstruth & B are going to be introducing themselves into the fashion industy in multiple forms. Any chance we see collaborations by you three outside of the music industry?

A: "Yes, honestly I would love that collaboration. The music we make is fire, but the clothing would be something magical. I've seen kev rock a dress like deadass ROCK IT, and B has his own style dripped in Texas swag. Myself, I an outside of the box thinking midwest guy who likes to experiment and go against the grain clothing wise. It is going to be crazy, and I've been excited to dabble into clothing for a very long time even before music was a thought."

Q: On a scale of 1 to 10 since we dont want to give too much info away, how much is your team (both your personal management and your team at SA) working behind the scenes?

A: "Past a ten honestly. Everyone in SA is pushing the next to become better. Its beautiful man. Im seeing growth not only in myself, but my personal team and my SA team. My personal team is putting me in positions to really win, whether it be interviews, shows, tours with other artists, the projects, connects, etc. Im in a good place thanks to both my teams. Honestly, I wouldnt be where I am today and where Im headed without them."

Q: You are a shining example of staying level headed, humble, and giving back. How do you keep that mindset in an industry known for the opposite?

A: "I'd like to think I am. I am trying to break the mold honestly. My whole circle is. I am always trying to give back to local artists especially, but artist in general even though Im not at a point with it I want to be just yet. I can still help with the help of my platforms. The industry is full of people pretending, but what you see with me is what you get. Im genuinely a good dude, and I love music. Why not give back to those that can be at the same point someday, or maybe there faster thanks to the help? Im all about seeing others win as well."

Q: You know the drill. Anything you would like to add before we speak to you at a later time? This being said considering you are now officially the Marketing Director of SupportArt?

A: "Im super excited to see where we can take SupportArt with my marketing and our collective talent level. We have new additions and pieces that just make so many things possible. 2019 is really a year of no brakes from all of us. Look for SupportArt to really be a powerhouse in the music industry soon!"

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