No Need For A Ski Mask

A new-comer is shaking the game up even more. Meech Maine will be dropping his official EP on October 24th, and SupportArt is here to give you all the coverage. In this preview write up we give you the official tracklist and the concept behind the EP 'Different Faces'. Wednesday should be a good day with the project hitting all major platforms and fan favs like SoundCloud. Expect SupportArt to push any and every media outlet we can find this project on!

A lot of underground talent has to be fully invested into music while still doing the nine to five job. The concept behind Meech Maine's EP is how he has his "day face" at his desk job and his real self at night or with his music. The coverart is a visual representation of just that. We see the straightlaced Meech and the turnt Meech. The artwork portrays the message before the music even plays.


"This was meant to be more of a collection of songs. I spent awhile figuring out who I wanted on the EP, but eventually found them all. There is so much talent throughout the tape. I am hoping once people hear the product and see the names, they’ll believe I’m finally serious about music. I’m ready to make a name for myself."


Better Year ft. 9xs! (Prod. Jos Beats) 

Know Me ft. Convolk (Prod Highself)

It’s Late ft. Max Wells (Prod. Nedcallin) 

Dark Times (Prod. YoungKio)

HMU ft. Black Roses (Prod. Drago)