No Lucha

Underground artist Burnout Macgyver always brings some of the best visuals in the game when he drops a music video. Its quite the feat considering his videos are based more around the actual aesthetic than the scenery.

Then you add the signature Lucha Libre mask and you have gold. What you get without the need for special effects, backdrops, and the urge to put effects on every inch of footage is a personal feeling experience.. mask or no mask. This latest one is our favorite to date as Burnout released the official music video for his song 'Alive'. The song was produced by SLVG and big props go to the director/editor on this project which would be ORANGE CAP. The biggest thing that leaps out to us is that every last detail of this video seems planned with its marketing in mind. Even the crewneck Burnout wears in parts of the video is from an underground clothing brand which can be easily accessed through the video description. 'Alive' is not only available on YouTube but can also be streamed on any platform including Spotify and Soundcloud. Both of those can be found through the video description also. So, if you like your music hard as fuck, and your visuals heavy on creepy.... you are in the right spot. View the official music video for 'Alive' directly below and also follow Burnout Macgyver on Twitter HERE to keep tabs on this masked creative. Kudos to whoever can identify who the person in his Twitter avi is, but we assure you it is not him.