No Introduction Needed

What sums up Cody James as an artist. Hunger, passion, drive, and not only the willingness but the eagerness to invest. It is a fact that in this industry it takes money to make money. Cody James didnt pay for this blog, he is a member of our family. However, he realizes the power of reaching out. He invests in every tool given to him. It is that hunger and passion and drive that make him a step ahead of his competition at all times. The trolls grow, but his fan base grows one inch quicker. The dust created by his last single and its accompanying music video has settled, and its time for another big drop. On the horizon is his upcoming single 'No Title Needed'. We sat down with the Illinois artist to get a closer look at what is certain to be epic.

No Title Needed CoverArt - Design By L1FEGFX

Q: So we recently did a press release over a single that unfortunately did not come to fruition which partly leads us to today. What caused the delay on the track 'Really Blessed'?

A: "Well, without dragging anybody through the dirt, there were just a lot of things that didnt align the way I had planned for them to. The song is still in my plans to be released. This was just a matter of pushing it back unfortunately."

Q: So now knowing that we can still expect 'Really Blessed', will there still the same featured artist or a feature at all, and what artists do you think would help you capture the vibe you are going for with that song?

A: "Yeah, you can expect 'Really Blessed' still. Summer time is most likely the range for the release date. I am going to California this summer to shoot the video. When it comes to the featuring artist, Im going to keep that under wraps."

Q: In what ways is the upcoming single 'No Title Needed' even better than your last single 'All Gas No Breaks' which went viral?

A: "Its better in every way possible. 'All Gas No Breaks' was actually made in December of 2018, and just didnt release until February. So to show the improvement in that time in every aspect has me excited. My confidence, my delivery, my flow, my cadence... they are all better. Im growing into the artist I dreamed I would be."

Q: Who produced 'No Title Needed' and what did they bring to the overall project?

A: "My SA family and overall genius Siroka produced the beat, and my engineer (Los G aka Nick Green) and I worked together on really bringing it full circle. We all played our parts in making it a banger. Nick brings a great knowledge on the engineering side. He has a degree and has been doing this awhile along with now making his own music. He is my right hand guy when it comes to recording anything. He thinks we can make something better, we do it. Most of the time he is right honestly."

Q: Is this another single just to put out great music or are finally seeing a piece of your upcoming EP? A: "This is finally a piece of the project, but its only a little taste. The project is now going to be full length, and it will be exclusively produced by Siroka."

Q: Anything else you can tell us about the EP at this point? A: "Man..... its been a long process but its coming. Siroka hooked me up with some fire beats. Its just going to be a collective of real solid music. A little bit of everything."

Q: What can we expect from the music video for 'No Title Needed' after you pulled out all the stops for the video for AGNB?

A: "We have some 1940's black and white gangster shit planned. Im meeting with a well-known lighting guy as soon as possible. That should be coming in about the next six weeks."

Q: Now having some time under your belt in SA, what can we expect from your team as a whole this year?

A: "Clearly, we are going to take over, but no really, Im excited to see the growth as a team. There are some artists Im really excited to work with myself. Im expecting big things, big growth, and for everyone to really get in their bag."

Q: Forgive the irony, but why the title 'No Title Needed'?

A: "I really wanted to name it something cocky as hell which would honestly match the song and that just fit."

Q: Usually we end our Q&A's and press releases with a bit of an open section, but we are going to put you on the hot seat here. Who are the top 5 artists in your area that are not you?

A: "My top 5 would be the following: 1) Mvstermind 2) MUDD 3) Saiyan D 4) Bash from the Gang 5) Peaceful P."

Expect the release date for 'No Title Needed' to announced in the near future and while you wait enjoy the music video for 'All Gas No Breaks' by Cody James & Mvstermind directly below.

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