No Gimmicks

SupportArt artist Fat Daddy J has a brand phrase. It embodies him to perfection and is the first thing you see upon visiting his website. You can access the site directly below and navigate it or continue on with this article.

That branding phrase is "100 vibes, 1 artist" and it is as true as a description can possibly get. Just in 2019 alone, Fat Daddy J dropped tracks that couldnt even be labeled as hip-hop. One perfect example is his death metal ballad 'Dont Wake Me from my Slumber'. Even when dropping content that would be considered hip-hop he finds ways to incorporate multiple unique sounds that only he can blend seamlessly. To start 2020, he dropped his debut full length album which displays the wide array of vibes that J does have. Without giving away too much info, he is already finishing up an EP to follow his debut album 'Spilling from Inside Out' which will even have some acoustic alternative rock type of sounds, and if you are a fan of the pure hip-hop Fat Daddy J, he will be dropping a song with fellow SA alum RVLA titled 'Brighter Days' tomorrow!!!!

Most of his debut album is self produced and also mixed and mastered by Fat Daddy J himself. Follow him on Twitter HERE and Instagram HERE, and enjoy his debut album directly below. Much more is coming from the CEO of PlayMade Creations and the mind behind PlayMade Radio which is officially sponsored by SupportArt. You can download the PMR app via the PlayMade Creations linktree HERE.

CoverArt was also created by Fat Daddy J. If you are in a hurry we highly recommend 'Forty-Five', 'Loser Boy', 'This Is All Wrong', and 'In My Mind'!