No Delay Needed

D Cravo has been a monster in terms of work ethic, drive, and passion in the underground hip hop scene for about a year now. He has never went backwards in our time covering him or any of his releases. Just a few weeks ago he released his latest album 'Day Dreaming', but the artist thirst was not quenched for long. He decided to go with a more lax approach to his next release by doing a remix which brings us to his latest drop and our current spotlight track 'Battle Cry Remix'.

D Cravo's flow on 'Day Dreaming' sounded like he had finally put the pieces together. At times in his earlier drops, there would be a faint stumble, or there were songs where a quartet of bars felt forced or rushed. With the album, he eliminated this small flaw. However, with the newest remix, his flow is now evolving. Not only is it on point throughout, you can now hear a unique cadence growing with him. Its a snappy, yet southern sound that draws you in with the texture in his voice alone. 'Battle Cry Remix' also brings more of a raw feeling which contrasts the melodic sounds he created on 'Day Dreaming'. With that being said, both feel like the same artist, and as artists the entire goal when it comes to your music is branding yourself and your sound. People should see images and a voice when your name is mentioned. They should have some sort of idea of what you will bring to the table. Then the only thing left to do is continue to level up... continue to push the limits of what people think is your best. D Cravo yet again impresses us beyond what we thought was possible. At this point, it is hard to even estimate how good his next single or project will be. He has been in talks with our CEO about coming together with SupportArt artists and making a collaborative project alongside him and his team which includes the likes of Young Micah, gh0stb4by, and is growing daily. Only time will tell, but one thing we do know is D Cravo does not go backwards in terms of his artistry.

Stream 'Battle Cry Remix' below via Youtube. The video can also be found currently on the home page of the webiste and our app for android. You can also tune into the latest album 'Day Dreaming' directly below.

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